Monday, January 24, 2011


First Update on KL's Biggest Loser:  Two weeks since its launch, this is our first update.  Loser #1 - lost 700g, Loser #2 - gained 1kg and Loser #3 - gained 2kg!  Apa dah jadi?  The blame is on year end celebrations that didn't end up until the first two weeks of the new year.  Beginning of the year is the continuation of year end celebrations with free flow of delicious foods and drinks.  It's no exception for Loser #1.  However, a few days prior to weighing day, he attended a free seminar and he skipped all the meals (coffee break and lunch)!  He came back to the office joining other colleagues having salad instead for lunch! 
Other than skipping those foods that are rich in fats and carbs, he also did his exercise regularly.  He worked out on Cross Training machine that burned around 150calories at any one time for 3 days a week.  And he did his brisk walking/jogging and swimming over the weekends! 
The challenge is how to reduce more weight and when we reach the target, it's the biggest challenge of all; how to maintain it?  It's really about moderation and taking the right amount and types of foods.  It's always about less carb and fats; and more fiber and protein!

Loser #1 has also started his breakfast diet on muesli!  It's a very healthy breakfast and the oat content and other fibers helped in bringing down cholesterol level.  Stay on for more updates!


Oasis said...

Ke hulu ke hilir panjat sana panjat sini pun blh naik jugak ke berat badan? Anyway, stakat 2kg small matter je kan...

cinda نورأزيندا said...

stress stress tgk posting ni..phuhhh

Small Hiker said...

Oasis - I'd answer your question with another question. Which one is more effective in reducing weight, dieting or exercising? The answer is dieting!

Cinda - that's the whole idea kan?

cinda نورأزيندا said...

bkn senang nk turun 2-3kg,, nk naik sekelip mata mmg pandai... isk iskk,
anyway dh turun balik sbb demam..

Anyway, impossible is nothing....sure boleh!!

DrSam said...

many good pointers for me to ponder. A really needed motivation sir! TQ

::: ReActivate ::: said...

::: ringannyer korang.. saya lagi berat! biar betik! [huhu] tapi org kata saya kurus.. maybe saya tinggi kot.. anyway BMI saya normal weight.. :)

::: skrg kat malaysia dah spt negara barat gak, jika bacaan BMI normal weight [18-24], org lain tetap akan kata kita kurus sangat.. tapi org lain akan kata kita normal bila bacaan BMI overweight [25-29]. walaupon tidak..

::: saya pon beranggapan begitu.. rupa2nyer org yg chubby/buncit/tough sikit [bila pakai baju opis] tuh BMInya overweight sedangkan dari pandangan mata, nampak normal.. hmmm..

Small Hiker said...

Dr. Sam - agreed. Have to find the motivation factor!

Reactivate - lama tak dengar berita? My BMI is 25.6 (slightly over). Tu yang nak kena diet tu!