Saturday, August 21, 2010


1. By now, people know that I don't stop doing my exercise during Ramadhan. I go to the gym during weekdays doing less routine than what I normally do.

2. During weekend, I do leisure walk around the park nearby my housing area. I normally jog there during non-Ramadhan months and do around 5 rounds (about 25 minutes). This time around, I only do leisure walk and I cover 5 rounds too.

3. I quite like leisure walk as it's less impact on my knees and very relaxing. It takes longer time but it's okay. I don't get tired at the end of the five rounds and neither do I feel thirsty.

Pic of flower in the park taken using my HP camera



1. As much as possible I'll try to get home in time for buka puasa with my family everyday. However, that's not possible as I'd have buka puasa appointments outside or I stay back at the office due to deadlines.

2. However, when I am at home I have my own responsibility in the kitchen. Without fail, I'd be preparing drinks for buka puasa.

3. Our favourites are fruit juice from watermelon, orange, mango, lemon and apple. For fruits that are tangy and sour, I'd normally add natural yogurt.
4. How about cooking for buka puasa? I can cook but the passion is not there during Ramadhan. Perhaps, I will cook once at least. I am thinking of preparing beef stew with mashed potato. Very unlikely food for buka puasa. I prepare this once in a while when I am in the mood especially during festive season! See how lah!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


1. What a Ramadhan, I was hospitalised on the second day. It's rather embarrassing experience as I fell to the floor unconscious, not for long though, about a few seconds. But it was enough to give me cold sweats immediately after that. Since it's rather an embarrassing experience, I prefer not to dwell so much about it here.

2. Due to my strong family history of heart disease, my elder brothers either died of heart attack or had bypass or had heart attack, the doctor didn't allow me to go home, instead he retained me in the ward for further observations.

3. The next day, I had to undergo stress test and echo cardiogram. Both tests came out with good results. I know that for sure when it comes to stress test, just like my eldest brother, our hearts are strong as we exercise regularly. However, the culprit is the cholesterol that runs high in our family. We were all born with liver that is hyper, it produces more cholesterol than the average person, more than than the body could consume.

4. I was discharged immediately after the tests with an appointment to see the doctor again in 3 months.

5. There it goes, I missed two fasting days and this year, it's confirmed that I can't complete the fasting for one month!

6. I'm okay now and that is the experience that I dare not repeat!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I made it to Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus last Sunday. I was worried as I had just recovered from my slip disc. Worried that it'd be tough and it'd involve a lot of squatings and bendings. It turned out that the trail was very very simple and I had no problem at all in completing the journey. I felt the strain on my back but it was bearable.

When we reached there at around 8.15am, there were already so many cars lined up the roadsides and other hikers were already warming up to go up. We took the opportunity to be friendly to them to get more info about the trail. We were told it wouldn't take more than 2 hours to reach the summit. True enough, even though I was going at a slower pace yet I reached the summit within 1 hour 50 minutes.
It's the typical trails and it's quite steep as well. However, it wasn't that long. It was enough to make me sweat!

We stayed up at the peak for about 15 minutes and decided to come down as quickly as possible as it was very cloudy, rain was coming! It never did while we were there and it only rained for a while when we stopped at Senawang to have our lunch.

We joined a group of friends who had already got their permanent campsite around 30 minutes midway to the summit. They come here every Sunday to clean up the place and to hike. We can sleep here if we want too as tables, chairs and stools were there. On that day, they prepared 'bubur pulut hitam' using dead woods from the jungle for fire and water from the mountain for cooking. It was the most delicious bubur that I had ever tasted up on a mountain!

Back to the starting point in slightly less than 4 hours!
It was a very relaxing experience and I'll definitely come back again and again. It's going to be my other playground, after Bukit Tabur!
Short entry for a short hiking experience! Last kopek before Ramadhan and I wish everyone Selamat Berpuasa.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


1. If all goes as planned, Insyaallah, I'll be hiking Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus. I'll be joining a group of friends who always use this route instead of Ulu Bendol. It took us 8 hours for the whole group to complete Gunung Angsi via Ulu Bendol the last time.

2. In comparison, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach the summit of Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus and about the same time to descend.

3. I guess the only thing that's missing is the sound from the streams and there will be no river crossings too.

4. I really look forward to this trip. My plan to go to Bukit Kutu last week was cancelled as my daughter was hospitalised. So, this is going to be my first hiking trip after Tahan Challenge and after recovering from my spinal problem!

5. Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


1. I had to cancel the trip to Bukit Kutu as my daughter had been hospitalised due to appendicitis. She underwent her operation successfully and is now recovering at the hospital. My wife is there taking care of her (my princess!).

2. As for me, I have to be home taking care of the boys.

3. It seems there will be no hiking trip for me before Ramadhan. Next weekend, I'll be going 'balik kampung' with my sisters and brothers. It's going to be our first time "balik kampung' since the demise of our beloved mother, about two weeks ago. May do hiking again on much smaller scale after Raya this year.