Saturday, August 21, 2010


1. By now, people know that I don't stop doing my exercise during Ramadhan. I go to the gym during weekdays doing less routine than what I normally do.

2. During weekend, I do leisure walk around the park nearby my housing area. I normally jog there during non-Ramadhan months and do around 5 rounds (about 25 minutes). This time around, I only do leisure walk and I cover 5 rounds too.

3. I quite like leisure walk as it's less impact on my knees and very relaxing. It takes longer time but it's okay. I don't get tired at the end of the five rounds and neither do I feel thirsty.

Pic of flower in the park taken using my HP camera



Anonymous said...

u shld bring ur dslr and take pic of those beautiful flowers using it...rather than it become gajah putih ;)

Small Hiker said...

i didn't plan to take pics while doing the exercie... perhaps i'll go for pic snapping trip....