Sunday, August 1, 2010


1. I had to cancel the trip to Bukit Kutu as my daughter had been hospitalised due to appendicitis. She underwent her operation successfully and is now recovering at the hospital. My wife is there taking care of her (my princess!).

2. As for me, I have to be home taking care of the boys.

3. It seems there will be no hiking trip for me before Ramadhan. Next weekend, I'll be going 'balik kampung' with my sisters and brothers. It's going to be our first time "balik kampung' since the demise of our beloved mother, about two weeks ago. May do hiking again on much smaller scale after Raya this year.


ReActivate said...

::: salam bro, how are u? its been awhile since our last comments on each other.. hope u r doing great & healthy always.. my condolences to you too & your families.. I wish u well..

::: congratulation to u, bro.. atlast u've made it to the summit of Gunung Tahan! hebat!!! the view is spectacular. i wish i was there too climbing to the top. its my dream to climb gunung tahan.. well everything has a hikmah masing2.. same goes with u, instead of going to bukit kutu.. u still can climb bukit tabur or bukit broga b4 ramadan. its nearer right?

::: [re]: taklah berserabut mana [hehe].. anyways mmg best US Singapore. tapi byk tak bukak lagi game dia, but still best gak..

~ Salam Ramadan bro & keep on blogging..

Small Hiker said...

Reactivate: I've been okay. I really look forward to the coming Ramadhan which is less than 10 days away. It's okay not to have hiking before Ramadhan, as you said, there is hikmah behind it. For all you know, I am not reay as yet. I can feel the pain on my back and I refuse to acknowledge and accept it.