Saturday, August 14, 2010


1. What a Ramadhan, I was hospitalised on the second day. It's rather embarrassing experience as I fell to the floor unconscious, not for long though, about a few seconds. But it was enough to give me cold sweats immediately after that. Since it's rather an embarrassing experience, I prefer not to dwell so much about it here.

2. Due to my strong family history of heart disease, my elder brothers either died of heart attack or had bypass or had heart attack, the doctor didn't allow me to go home, instead he retained me in the ward for further observations.

3. The next day, I had to undergo stress test and echo cardiogram. Both tests came out with good results. I know that for sure when it comes to stress test, just like my eldest brother, our hearts are strong as we exercise regularly. However, the culprit is the cholesterol that runs high in our family. We were all born with liver that is hyper, it produces more cholesterol than the average person, more than than the body could consume.

4. I was discharged immediately after the tests with an appointment to see the doctor again in 3 months.

5. There it goes, I missed two fasting days and this year, it's confirmed that I can't complete the fasting for one month!

6. I'm okay now and that is the experience that I dare not repeat!


DrSam said...

Salam Ramadhan al-mubarak. I missed 3 days last year. Incomplete Ramadhan after so many years of perfection, but I am really glad actually because I know Allah gave me 'something' special and taught me well last year's Ramadhan. I wish and pray that you will get something special during this holy month too. wallahuaklam.

Selamat berbuka puasa dan beribadah dengan sempurna Ramadhan ini.

Small Hiker said...

Doc, I remember that, you had kidney stone right? One thing for sure, I'll not miss fasting for the rest of Ramadhan.