Saturday, August 21, 2010


1. As much as possible I'll try to get home in time for buka puasa with my family everyday. However, that's not possible as I'd have buka puasa appointments outside or I stay back at the office due to deadlines.

2. However, when I am at home I have my own responsibility in the kitchen. Without fail, I'd be preparing drinks for buka puasa.

3. Our favourites are fruit juice from watermelon, orange, mango, lemon and apple. For fruits that are tangy and sour, I'd normally add natural yogurt.
4. How about cooking for buka puasa? I can cook but the passion is not there during Ramadhan. Perhaps, I will cook once at least. I am thinking of preparing beef stew with mashed potato. Very unlikely food for buka puasa. I prepare this once in a while when I am in the mood especially during festive season! See how lah!


Anonymous said...

wow...i luv d song u put at ur blog! xspecialy d song Puas by wali Band. a fan of Indo's song?

Small Hiker said...

Anonymous: Yes, I am. Very much into it now. I am glad people like the songs...