Monday, November 16, 2009


I went to Bukit Gasing last weekend, it's my second trip there. This time around, I went there with three female colleagues and my children. I invited some other guys too but they all said No. That's okay with me. I'd still go on even without any colleagues joining me as I had already planned to do it with my children.
After a Roti Canai breakfast at Raju, banana leave resturant nearby, we went straight to the starting point. It was almost 8am and cars were already lining up both sides of the road, 50 meters leading to the starting point. So many cars and so many people. It felt like Pasar Malam. The weather was good, thank God, otherwise, we'd have just stayed at home, dozing off. In fact, in my invitation, I also mentioned if it rains, we'd cancel the plan. It's not worth it to go through the rain and there will always be next time.

True enough, it was crowded when we reached the Watch Tower, it was full of college students and they were very loud too, enjoying themselves, snapping pictures! Since it's my children's first time there, asked them to go up the Tower. Of which they did!

I borrowed a camera from my hiking buddy for this trip but I left it at home, completely forgot about it as I was rushing out, didn't want to be late meeting my colleague in PJ. So, I ended up taking pictures using my HP camera. I didn't include picture of the suspension bridge in my last post on the same subject. Here it is:

It was a very relaxing hiking trip, not tiring at all but I sweated a lot. It's not tiring as we were going rather slow, the ladies were not fit and so was my daughter. Everybody had fun and good exercise. So now, I got four four different spots around KL and PJ area to go for my weekend hiking trip, Bukit Tabur (East and West), Air Hitam Forest Reserve, Puchong and Bukit Gasing.

It started to rain when we were reaching back the starting point. After saying good byes to my colleagues, we drove back to Raju and had our banana leave rice for lunch.

My son pointed out to the statement in the restaurant that says "We have no quarrel with our competitors who charge less. After all, they know what their foods are worth". That said it for our hearty lunch for 3 that cost RM45. Well, I had no quarrel with the price too. I had good time with my children and I enjoyed our day-out!