Sunday, January 9, 2011


  1. These days a lot of people complain that they have put on weight and they are struggling to lose it.  Once we enter the work life, our lives changed dramatically.  We no longer move about that long and our desk bound jobs chain us to our desk and thus sedentary lives.  It's all  about rest, work and eat on a daily basis. 
  2. And the food intakes have also changed when we enter the work life.  To majority of us, we don't get to eat home cooked foods anymore as we are at the office during day time.  We have our breakfast, lunches, dinners and high teas at restaurants near our offices.  Typically, they are all carb laden diet.  We can't get healthy foods that easily here in KL.  Even if we can, it's normally more expensive than the usual local breakfast, lunch or dinner.   
  3. Therefore, it's no surprise that we put on weight easily.  Even when we exercise, we can't seem to get rid of the bulging tummy. I am no exception.  Why is it so?  I am not an expert, however it's all about the calorie intake.  How much can we exercise to lose a kg?  1kg is equivalent to 3,850 calories per week or 550 calories per day. Can you burn it by exercise alone? No way! We are all busy executives and we are not super fit to endure 1 hour or more on treadmill. 30 mins of treadmill will burn about 200 calories.
  4. So, how to lose weight? The answer to that is a combination of diet and exercise.  Perhaps we can exercise 3 days a week and burn around 200 calories (that’s 600 calories weekly) and more rigorous exercise during weekends to burn 500 – 700 calories (hiking, jogging, swimming, etc). That means the exercise will burn about 1,300 calories. And we need to reduce the calorie intake by another 2,550 calories less a week (that means about 510 for 5 days consecutively). 510 calories is quite easy right? Perhaps, no more heavy breakfast, perhaps instead of full serving of rice for lunch, go for half serving (not even half serving) and perhaps can skip dinner on alternate day.
  5. With that note, I am pleased to launch KL's Biggest Loser (what a name!).  A campaign for me and two other usual suspects to lose weight.  And I'll monitor and update here.  Good luck to three of us!


Che said...

Salam, Bang, care to share the 'recipe'? my weight is bout the same as yours (in the first pic) and really hope to shed some KGs here.. Tolong.. Tolong.. :P
p/s : saya makan sekuat saya berlari. hehe..

Small Hiker said...

Che, that's the problem, right? We eat as much as we exercise. Or more so, we eat more than what we burn! If I do hiking 3 times a week, I'd say I can burn my calorie by exercising alone. The answer to that is a combination of exercise and diet.

Alamak, belum apa2 lagi (berjaya ke tak usaha murni ni, he he he!) you dah tanya 'recipe'.

What I do is take light breakfast (my friend is taking muesli with soy drink almost every day and he has shed some weight), half serving of rice in the afternoon and skip dinner (on alternate day?).

The problem with me is I don't have that much discipline when it comes to food as compared to exercise. For exercise, yes, I am very disciplined. But then my exercise is not burning enough calorie!

Che said...

thanks for sharing. lets try that, and tengok camne? :)

wan hanifa said...

salam bro,

it's good motivation and at same time has own goal to reduce weight
by enjoy a hobby.

my wight maintain for a year at 65k
intead after caming back for long extreame advanture CUS with very minimal feed ,
but what can i say its hard to maintain on same weight.either go up else go down but go up is easier

good luck bro


cinda نورأزيندا said...

huh! this friday gonna weigh & share the proof.... huhh 600gm/month to reduce!!!!! suffer giler