Sunday, January 2, 2011

Enjoying Roti Canai The Small Hiker's Way

I have a weird way of enjoying my roti canai.  I haven't been eating the curry that comes together with it since I know how to enjoy it my weird way!  I think the reason I like it this way is because I have sweet tooth!  And I must say, it tastes really nice at the same time! 

 The ingredients are roti canai, condensed milk (not in the pic), nutmeg powder and cinnamon powder! 
 Put a generous amount of condensed milk on the roti canai (Alamak, terlebih banyaklah pulak!)
 Sprinkle generous amount of cinnamon powder and 5 or 5 sprinkles of nutmeg powder.  When did I begin to enjoy roti canai this way?  I really have no idea and all I know is I am not the only one. 
Roll it (macam kueh ketayap!) and it's ready! Try it!
My daughter loves it too!
Happy New Year!


cinda نورأزيندا said...

ha ha ha!! hmmphh susu banjir ni Abg Chik!!! maniss aaa... phuhhh

Small Hiker said...

Cinda - Try it and let me know!

Oasis said...

susu tu ok lagi tapi bila tgk serbuk kayu manis tu....erkkk tak tau nak ckp apa.

Small Hiker said...

Oasis - try lah. Serbuk kayu manis tu yang menambahkan sedap. Macam makan cinnamon roll, tinggal lagi, convenient! Ha Ha Ha!