Friday, December 31, 2010

Sg. Chilling Waterfall - Misadventure & Beautiful Moments

Sg Chilling Fish Sanctuary

Located about 105km from Shah Alam, Sg. Chilling Fish Sanctuary is a popular picnic spot during weekends.  From Kuala Kubu Bharu, we had to drive towards Fraser's Hill passing Sungai Selangor Dam.  The entrance is located on the right side of the road about 200 meters after the dam.  It's hard to miss it especially if you reach there after 9am.  This is the only stretch before the exit to Fraser's Hill where there are a lot of cars lining up the left side of the road.  
My story
There were 5 of us including my son who was the official photographer for this trip. 

We reached the campsite early, at around 9am.  There were already tents being put up everywhere by overnight campers! 

We were told that we didn't have to wait for the caretaker to pay for the trekking permit to the waterfall.  So, we simply went ahead with our jungle trekking 15 minutes later.  We paid for the permit when we came back to the campsite. 

We had to cross the same river 6 times to reach the waterfall area and the first one was by using the suspension bridge.

My son was carrying our backpack that was half filled with tent, clothes for change and camera. And I carried the day pack that was filled with snacks, fruits, chocolate and nuts.

It was raining heavily the night before and it rained again a few minutes after we left Shah Alam.  So the water was not that clear.  However, it was so cold, it's chilling!

Due to the rain the trails heading to the waterfall was filled with water and it looked more like small stream.  

We missed the trail, instead of heading to the waterfall, we ended up on a hill in a middle of no where. It was a pleasant misadventure though as the surrounding view was stunning.  We spent about one hour getting lost and finding our way back.  We were told by the caretaker that the trails were the alternative route to Bukit Kutu.  Perhaps we will go to Bukit Kutu again using this trail!

Using the right trails later on, we met our friends from Port Dickson and Seremban mid way through.  The trail was quite flat after all with a few steep terrains that didn't pose any challenge at all. 

Over an hour later and after crossing the same river 6 times, we reached the waterfall area. It was a stunning view, with the water gushing down over two levels.  It could be 20 feet high! And the water at the bottom of the waterfall could be 7 - 8 feet deep!  Like the rest of the picnickers, I took the opportunity to jump into the water and I didn't get to reach to the bottom!   

The sanctuary is a protected area for kelah fish.  Over the years, the population of the fish has grown and the size of the fish has also grown.  Here at the waterfall, we could play along with 6 -8 inches long kelah fish.  There were so many of them.  It was such a nice feeling swimming and playing along with the fish.  Feeding the fish is prohibited and that didn't stop some people from doing that! 

We spent about one hour enjoying the beauty of the waterfall and playing in the water while taking a break enjoying our snacks as lunch every now and then.  When it was time for me to get back into the water I couldn't do it!  Oh God, I got my slip disc back and I could hardly stand straight due to the pain.  We had to cut short the trip and made our way back to the campsite immediately.  And I had to grab whatever stick that was close to me to use as my walking stick!  Luckily the pain was bearable. 

Upon reaching the campsite, while my friends continued to dip into the water and cleaning themselves up, I was busy doing my physio work-outs.   It helped slightly and gave me the confidence to drive back home. 

Six days have passed since the incident and I feel so much better now.  I thought of seeing my Orthopaedic again but I didn't as I don't want to go through the long physio sessions at the hospital.   

My son who also enjoyed himself during the trip is planning to go there again with his friends.  And  I don't dare to leave them by themselves.  Therefore, I am going there again this week!  I don't mind it all I am okay now and I really like the place! 


Alice Phua said...

Wow, looks like a nice waterfall to go to, but judging from what you have written, looks like one has to do a substantial amount of hiking first before reaching the waterfall. And with a very young child tagging along and my hubby walking with a limp (he got gout), I don't think it's suitable for my family to go there.

Small Hiker said...

Hi Alice - you don't have to go to the waterfall with your 'tag-alongs' to enjoy cold water and the sounds from the streams. In fact the stream at the campsite is just as beautiful. You can just camp here all day along!