Sunday, October 31, 2010

Orienteering - Birthday

This is a report on the orienteering that I attended on my birthday.  First of all, I knew it'd fall on my birthday but knowing how I celebrated all my previous birthdays, I'd like to do something different.  Not much different though except I was away on my birthday.  I liked it despite the displeasure shown by wife!
We left in two cars from the office on Friday afternoon at around 2.30pm.  The road was clear but it rained after we exited PLUS highway.  There was a stretch along the Simpang Pulai - Cameron Highlands road where it was very foggy especially after rain.  It's no difference this time around and I really had to be careful.  I was telling my colleagues wherever possible I'd speed as I'd need to slow down most of the time to tail other cars!

We met our colleagues from the other car around 8.00pm at Brinchang's pasar malam. I and several others decided to go vege for our dinner.  Therefore the dinner was fried kimcan (day lily's buds), grilled corn, steamed sweet potatoes, sweet potato balls and not to forget strawberry ice cream for RM1, the best we ever tasted for that price!  We cut short the shopping at the pasar malam as it started to pour again.

We reached the apartment an hour later.  Thank you to another colleague for arranging the accommodation as it's a lot safer, comfortable and not to forget it's affordable too (nak sembahyang pun senang!).  For six of us, we had to fork out for RM25 only for.  After short pleasantries and teasing other colleagues, I retired at around 11.30pm after popping in n pills for my fever.  I woke up 2 hours later when my HP rang.  I didn't pick it up but I found out the next morning it was John who called and asked us to be at Parit Falls at 7am the next morning. 

We were ready by 6am and with a lot of grumbles we left for Parit Falls nearby at around 7am.  Much to our displeasure, John wasn't there and we were told that it'd only start at 9am.  Since most of us didn't have breakfast, we left for Tanah Rata for breakfast.  We had roti canai and nasi lemak there.  When we came back at around 8.30am, no participants had arrived, except us.  And we really had to wait for another 1.5 hours for the event to start.  People who were punctual like us were punished and had to wait a long time as the organiser delayed the event to 10am!

Yup, the pic above was me pointing to the date, 30 October, 2010.  It's my birthday that day!

We were in the second group that was flagged off at 10.25am.  Right from the beginning, we didn't plan to win.  I personally decided to participate as I wanted to learn to read compass and of course to support the activities of our friend, John.  However, we did plan to enjoy the trip regardless!
In the end I didn't use the new compass as the direction in the map was already sufficient, starting from the gate of Parit Fall campsite.  The other participants were really for it and dashed off immediately after the flag off including our younger male colleagues.  We had to keep up with them and finally we decided not to tail them.  We decided to venture out on our own and stopped over at strawberry farm operated by a Malay entrepreneur. We tasted their strawberry jam, fresh strawberry coated with chocolate fondue and more strawberry ice cream! 

It didn't stop there.  We went to their vegetable plantation and asked the helper to pluck fresh cabbage, English gourd, buah cinta and lettuce! I will never miss buying buah cinta (don't know the English name, is it tomarello?) and this time around I got it for free.  I plucked it myself!  I believe it's from brinjal family as the tree has some similarities!  We reached back the starting point at 12noon, one hour earlier!  We didn't wait for the lunch and left 2 hours later to the fruit and vege market!  More shopping to do!

On the way to the market, we stopped at the roadside to eat Cameron's durian.  Five us had two durians, it wasn't really a great taste.  Since it's off season, therefore it's quite expensive as well.   And we noticed that the durian was cold, as though it was refrigerated.  Welcome to Cameron Highlands! A place of temperate weather in the tropic!
As planned we had fun, having free & easy activities, much different from the usual weekend hiking trips.  I was tired yet satisfied when I reached home later!

Next activity is jungle trekking at Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve in Puchong.  I can't wait for this as i haven't been there for almost a year! 


Anonymous said...

heard bout Jus buah cinta...but havent have d chance to try it as u try it sir?
other than making juice, im nt sure other way of enjoying buah Cinta....

Small Hiker said...

Anonymous - one thing that I notice Buah Cinta at Cameron is not as pinkish as those from Indonesia once it's juiced? I was expecting pink color juice! It turned out to be orangish. However, it tastes almost the same!