Sunday, October 3, 2010


At the last minute, I decided to go to Gunung Datuk on Saturday instead of Sunday as planned. At the last minute notice, I managed to get my fellow Taburians to join me, even though they have already got other plans for the weekend. Thank you very much for joining me.
We started hiking at 7.50am passing through all the too familiar areas like the above small dam!

As usual about 40 minutes later we reached the first check point. This time around, I must say that I struggled a lot to complete the climbing. I realised that my back injury hasn't recovered as yet. The heavy back pack (not so heavy lah, around 7 kilos I think!) had slowed me a lot. I felt the pain on my back and it ran through my hip and my calves!

Nevertheless, I reached the peak 1 hour 5o minutes later. At the peak, we had a pleasant surprise, our 'chipsmore' friend, John was already there. He camped there the night before with some friends to trace the trails of the Yam Tuan! We had a good time catching up at the peak of gunung Datuk!

It was planned for, we wanted to have fun by putting on our baju Raya and have some Raya cookies, as though we were visiting friend's open house! We really had fun. We put on our baju Raya, much to the amusement of another hiker who nodded in agreement and quickly we started snapping pictures. The weather was good, not windy and not hot. Since it's still early, the peak was ours to enjoy!

On the way back, I had to ask for help from my fellow Taburain to carry my backpack. it's too much for me. Thank you Azinda! And I had no problem at all descending from the peak and we reached back the starting base at around noon!

I really had fun and I don't mind coming back here again next Raya!


Anonymous said...

Nice one! Celebrating raya at the peak of a mountain. will do it one of these days.

Sharif John said...

It was a pleasant surprise to find you up there... I miss the ING group soo much.. I wish they will organize a big trip... I want to be together again...

nz نورأزيندا said...

you r most welcome! xberat mana pun! jgn bg aku 20 kg dah aaa..
aku pun dikategorikan kenderaan berat...weehuuu! one day kit apegi Datuk lagi eh? aku mmg suka lepak situ... dunno y!!

Small Hiker said...

John, kau dah janji dengan Kak Ros nak jumpa kan?

Azinda, aku suka jugak dengan Datuk, my first ever mountain! My fav is Tabur, very convenient as payoff comes early!