Monday, October 25, 2010


1.  This week, I am going for orienteering in Cameron Highlands.  I look forward to this activity as it's my first time doing orienteering and I haven't been to Cameron Highlands for a long time! Orienteering is a sport activity that requires the use of map and compass to navigate from point to point, usually in a forest area.  We will be given a map with locations to go and the points depend on the distance of the locations! 

2.  There will be 6 of us from the company and we'll be leaving for Cameron on Friday afternoon.  We have applied for either half day or full day leave.  We'll leave KL around 2.30pm and hope to reach Brinchang 3 hours later.  It was raining heavily the last time I drove to Cameron and I really had to be careful as the road was foggy and the view infront was for about 20 meters or so.    

3.  But before that, I must buy the compass as it's not provided for.  The organiser, John advised us to buy Suunto brand!  I hope to buy it before Friday or on Friday itself as I'll be on leave for the whole day. Where to buy?  I saw compasses at Jusco Mid Valley at one time and perhaps I'll just go there.  And perhaps, I'll just make do with whatever brand that they have!

4.  The trip is worth the money as it costs us RM40 only for food and tent accommodation.  We don't need to bring our own tent.  However, I may bring one, just in case.   Last but not least, I hope we will enjoy the activity! Otherwise, shopping awaits the next day! 


Al said...

Gud luck!

kira bertanding gak ke? klo ada hadiah lg best kan

Lame dah x msuk orienteering..

Small Hiker said...

AI - memang pertandingan pun. Tapi tak ambik kisah pasal pertandingan tu. We are planning to have fun our own way!

Anonymous said...

mesti seronok dapat pengalaman bru. ade bukak event ni kat fb kan tp x dpt join..ada big event juga kt tmpt keje. hopefully i can make it..nxt time.

Small Hiker said...

Arman - yup, it's the event organised by Outer Range! We support John!

nz نورأزيندا said...

nampak gayanya aku sewa jer kompas ngan penganjur!
nak beli lain kali jer..
hiihii aku nak beli sayur mayur jer..

1st time baca map!! bab2 baca map aku agak2 hancur sedikit...hwarghhh

Sharif John said...

Not to worry Mr Arman... U will get ur chance... This event will have phase II... Thanks to Mr Small Hiker for your support. I will try my best to make it memorable for you...

Small Hiker said...

John & NZ Azinda - see you there on Friday!