Sunday, December 27, 2009


I went hiking to East Side of Bukit Tabur with my son today. As usual, East side is less popluar as compared to the west side. There were only three other groups that we came across on the way up and down. One Malay group of 5 people, a Chinese group of 3 people and one mixed group (Malays and Chinese). As compared to the west side, there were a lot of people. Easily there could be around 40 people there today.

We completed the trail with the last one being the 4 storey high rock face assisted by ropes. It took us around 2 hours to complete it.

The guys in the Malay group were all carrying their DSLR Nikon cameras and they were busy snapping pictures. Didn't get to ask them how many time they have been to Bukit Tabur. One of the guys told me that he just got back from Rinjani on his solo trip (respect you lah!). And it reminded me at the same time that I must get my DSLR too. Insyaallah, I'd buy my D60 soon.

On the way down, we met the Chinese group and it's their first time in Bukit Tabur and we had a good chat. We promised to contact each other again and a guy named Albert said he'd invite me to Kuang. He'd normally go there with Orang Asli as guides.

Look forward to joining them there.

Next week: A retreat to Broga Hill.

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