Friday, December 25, 2009


Other than Gunung Datuk on January 9, next year, I don't have any hiking activities planned as yet.

For Gunung Datuk, I am inviting my colleagues to come long. And so far, the response has been good. The regulars are excited and they have already said 'yes' to it.

I like it going out with my colleagues as the adventure doesn't end there at the mountain. There'd be follow-ups with pictures being uploaded in office for all to see and there'd be post mortems too. And one thing for sure there'd be complaints of body ache.

I am excited as it's going to be our first hiking trip for the year. And I have got a list of mountains to conquer this year, either to go for the first time or to revisit.

Anyway, hiking is really a weekend exercise for me these days and I never got enough of going to the same place again and again. Do I get tired of going to the gym, three times a week? No! It's boring, same routines, same venue, same music (at times) and I am always alone. But then, I can't be wrong when I say I am doing this for my heart! I can't live without taking good care of it!

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