Thursday, January 7, 2010


It was Broga Hill last week and it was raining when I reached the parking lot. Much to my surprise, I had to pay for parking now, it cost RM2 per entry.

At first I thought of turning back as the trails were slippery and there were pot holes here and there. However, I decided to proceed after all I had already driven miles to get there.

It's easier now to climb up the hill as some good Samaritans have created steps all the way through. Sorry, no pictures! I still haven't bought my new camera as yet.

It was almost 9 am when I started ascending and at that time, people were already descending, which was a good thing as it allowed the surface to dry up a bit when I was coming down an hour later.

The steps were there all the way to the third peak. It's much easier to climb. And judging from the number of cars at the parking lot, I can say there were about 200 people going up that day. Which is normal for weekend.

A lot of people may not want to heed the advice of not going for hiking when it's raining. Well, I am not one of those, as much as possible I don't want to go hiking when it's raining. The trails are slippery and I tend to slip and fall.

For this trip I was very careful and going very slowly so as not to fall. Thank God, I didn't. Some were not as lucky as I could see from their dirty pants.

Next week - Gunung Datuk (big group!).


Small Hiker said...

I have reactivated the comment! Everybody is welcome to comment, it may be for own personal reading.

Che said...

Yay! thanks for reactivated the comment section. i just wanna say thanks. some post from this blog is informative/updated.

do you open your trip to other bloggers/public to join?

Small Hiker said...

Yes, most of my trip are open to everyone... like the one that I arranged for Gunung Datuk, finally there were 32 of us.

alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

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