Sunday, January 17, 2010


Small hiker and a friend went to Bukit Tabur - East Side last Saturday. Not many groups at all on that day. At most, there were 3 groups. At the parking area, there were so many cars, without a doubt that they were at West Side (the more popular side) instead.

What makes East Side less popular? Small Hiker can only think of a few reasons as below:
1. Climbing up East side is more challenging for the first 30 minutes. It's really like climbing Gunung Datuk (the first 1/3).
2. The presence of ants. There are a lot of ants on trees and ropes. Luckily the bite from the ants is not that stinging!
3. The last obstacle/trail where people need to hang on to ropes trying to climb an almost vertical 2 storey high rock surface is very challenging especially those who are scared of height.
4. Have to use the same trail to go up and down. Unlike West Tabur, people can choose to descend by going through the Dusun Buah!

As for a different route to go back, Small Hiker ventured out with his friend! He saw a trail going down the hill after the vertical climb. It's rather challenging as the surface was covered with dried leaves, therefore it was very slippery. He went ahead anyway! Half way down, he got to put on his knee guards as the trail was steep with no visible steps. As usual at this stage, strong knees were important to control his step so as not to fall down. He was pleasantly surprised that the trail led to a Dusun Buah. And finally he came out at construction site of three storey bungalow that was visible from the hill itself.

It was less challenging as compared to coming down using the same trail. However, he had fun! Most of the times, on the way down from a mountain/hill, people just want to reach the base as soon as possible minus the challenges! That's when accident happens as people are rushing and becoming less careful! Small hiker is no exception, he had his share of falling down on the way down!

Perhaps he will use this trail instead for his future trips to the East side!

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DrSam said...

another challenging outing bro. With your many exciting adventures so far, you should compile it into a book. I am sure it will make a good trekking guide for all the enthusiast out there.