Saturday, August 1, 2009


I would have been on the way to Pine Tree Hill, Fraser's Hill by now. However, I had rescheduled the trip to Sunday. And I hope it'd really happen.

I had been having stomach upset and till today it hasn't gone as yet. That means I had been having it for 4 days already. At first, I thought it was a food poisoning case and the second time I went to see the doctor, he asked to take double dosage of all medicines including buscopan, limodium and re-hydration salt. However, I had constipation after that, I didn't get to do my big business for two days! Then I knew that the doctor had misdiagnosed me!

In actual fact, I had gastritis. OMG! I had gastritis and I took re-hydration salt with citrus flavor. No wonder it's so 'liat' to rid of it this time around!

And I hope it'd be gone by today so that I could still go ahead with my rescheduled trip.

Pine Tree Hill! I'll be there!


Anonymous said...

i am so sorry to hear are u feeling now?how was Pine tree Hill?

DrSam said...

I hope you are feeling well by now and manage to conquer Pine Tree Hill.

John Iverson said...

Dugaan tu.... I wanna go there also...
All the best bro!!!