Monday, August 3, 2009


My hiking trip to Pine Tree Hill didn't happen after all. I had to cancel it due to health reason. My stomach was still in pain for the 5th day since Wednesday. I had to see a Specialist for diagnostic tests for two days on Mon & Tue.

The pain was still there on Sunday but I decided to go for light exercise and the choice was still hiking and the location was Bukit Gasing, not far from home. Very funny! Not far from home? How come I have never been there as yet?

How To Go There?
It's very easy! Easy as I made it there after being lost for almost 20 minutes! From Jalan Gasing, exit to Raju's Banana Leaf Resturant (Jalan Chantek 5/13) . It's on the left if one is coming from old EPF building. At the end of the road, there is a T junction, turn right until reaching a children playground. The entrance is on the left a few meters from there. There are a lot of weekend hikers there with their cars parked on both sides of the road. No one will miss it.

1. Hiking Trails
It's a very good hiking place for starters and for those who want train to climb other mountains. The trail can be completed within 3 hours. The trails are clear and well maintained with a lot of signage. It offers quite a bit of tough terrains like the pictures below.

One can have the option of going up to the telecommunication tower and come back to the same spot to trek other trails. There are other steep slopes too, the second is the trail to the Watch Tower, third is the trail towards Kerinchi where you can see Pantai Hill Park housing complex and the last is the trail after the suspension bridge. I didn't go to the last trail as it was getting dark already!

2. Watch Tower
Go up to the viewing area on the wooden Watch Tower to have a view of the surroundings, it's very beautiful with the forest area next to the development of PJ and KL area. If not for the fact that other people are already waiting for their turn to come up, I would have spent more time at the viewing area. May be, I'd come up again in one morning and have my breakfast there!

3. Suspension bridge
Unfortunately, I don't have the picture of the suspension bridge to be shared here. This is a very good attraction for me to bring to my children for my next trip. It's located next to a row of big bungalows. There is a steep slope at the end of the suspension bridge and I didn't go up as it was getting dark and I got out at the exit in between the bungalows. I will definitely come up here again with my children and suspension bridge is definitely the attraction that they like. It has to be after Syawal month or perhaps next year after the monsoon season!

It's a good place for weekend hiking! I'd prefer to do it in the morning as I'd have more time. I don't like to trek in the dark regardless the location. Last but not least, I'd wear a long sleeve t-shirt for my next trip. Otherwise, I'd end up being bitten by mosquitoes again!

P.S. I went to see Specialist on Saturday for blood and urine test and today I went there again to do OGDS (kind of scope where they put the camera on tube through mouth). The result was I had gastritis and acid reflux! And I had to take medications for 6 weeks. I am grateful as it'll not affect the long scheduled trip to Mt. Kinabalu next week.


DrSam said...

Nice place and nice view. I'd never known Bkt. Gasing can offer us many exciting activities like that. The suspension bridge is really tempting.

You made a very wise decision to see the specialist. Gastritis if not treated properly can lead to other complicated health problem. Hope you are coping well and recover soon.

The Author said...

agree with you that the suspension bridge is tempting. Nanti lah, I'd go there again an take the picture.

Anonymous said...

Just as i was giving up on hiking which i enjoy a lot, i came across ur blog n was surprised 2 see ur situation was similar 2 mine. i am not feeling well at the moment but want some fesh air n light exercise but nearer 2 home, i stay at bandar utama. Ur blog made me feel better n ave me hope 2 cont hiking. Thank u so much. wanna climb ths coming week..take care dear!

Small Hiker said...

Hi Anonymous - i went through a lot, health wise. It was a challenge that I had to climb Mt. Kinabalu when I still suffered from stomach problem. And when I climbed Mt. Tahan, I had just recovered from a long fever. After Tahan, I had slip disc and now I am having, tinnitus. Regardless of the situation, exercise must go on. And hiking has always been my first choice!

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