Sunday, August 9, 2009


The preparations are done and the necessary items are already purchased. I am now ready to go to Kota Kinabalu.

My flight to BKK is on Air Asia on Tuesday, Aug 11, 9.30am. I have decided that I'm going to be at the airport early so that I can have my breakfast there.

Talking about the necessary items, I did my last minute shopping yesterday for glove, thermal suit and thermal socks. I refer to articles in the net on the items to carry for the trip.

Timpohan Gate to Laban Rata
It's a day climb, the weather condition is warm and sunny. Lightweight clothing like t-shirt and short are sufficient.

Other than that, I will also bring:
1. cap
2. raincoat
3. good hiking shoes. Yup, I learned my lesson in Angsi
4. rubber slippers
5. sunblock cream... tak payah kut.. let it be lah...
6. face towel
7. 1 liter of water/isotonic drink
8. wet tissue, just in case...
9. snack - energy bar and Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS), over lah pulak!
10. plastic bags
11. walking stick
12. not to forget toothbrush and toothpaste

Laban Rata to Low's Peak
It's a night climb, the weather is usually cold and windy and at the peak the temperature can drop below 5 degree Celsius. So, warm clothing are necessary:
1. head light
2. glove
3. thermal suit
4. wind breaker or jacket
5. long sleeve t-shirt
6. thick trousers/cargo pants
7. thermal socks
8. ski mask
9. raincoat
10. snacks and water/isotonic drink

Other than the above, camera with newly charged batteries is necessary, not to forget my knee supports! As for medicines, I have already got my gastritis pills, paracetamol, piriton and pills for diarrhoea and stomach pain.

Yup! This is my checklist and I am going to print it!

Everything is in order and I am very excited! Been wanting to do this and never got the chance all the while. There have always been hurdles, most of the times, I got no friend to join me. For that, I thank you my office mates for joining me there and planning this trip together.


John Iverson said...

YEEEHHHAA!!!! All the best bro... be careful and enjoy the trip.... make sure to take the picture

The Author said...

yes bro... i will take lots and lots of pictures... thank you.

::: ReActivate ::: said...

::: well bro g'luck, do your best
::: i know u can do it.. so many
::: training & mountain climbing
::: mesti boleh punyer.. beside I
::: heard that mount kinabalu quite
::: easy that gunung ledang! tak
::: tahu laa, kadang2 kita yg lom
::: daki ni atau baru nak daki,
::: tak elok cakap besar.. maybe
::: the tracks are not physically
::: challenging.. sbb dah ada trek
::: yg mudah & selesa.. whatever it
::: is, climbing mount kinabalu,
::: the highest mountain in SEA mmg
::: sgt2 membanggakan.. its a
::: dream for every climber in
::: m'sia.. selamat berjaya bro,
::: & most important, enjoy!!!

::: [re]: maxis bb tuh oklaa.. the
::: reason saya beli sbb masa tuh
::: saya baru pindah, streamyx tak
::: ada area baru.. plus saya guna
::: line h/p maxis, bil sekali je..
::: tapi sbb saya ni internet
::: heavyuser, maxis bb ada limit
::: usage, size 3MB per month..
::: bila terlebih guna, automatik
::: transfer rate jadi slow.. &
::: up & d/load pon slow.. until
::: next month, back to normal..
::: so skrg saya re-register
::: streamyx & im using both ikut
::: keadaan & tmpt.. for me maxis
::: or celcom is just the same..
::: depends on area & pengguna.
::: di opis, maxis better; di rumah
::: saya JB, celcom better..

The Author said...

ReActivate: thank you. Macam mana pun saya tak nak underestimate Gunung Kinabalu... thin oxygen and cold weather... i hope i will summit and come down safely. Insyaallah...

kahliab said...

I will be climbing from 24 -27 July 2010. Bro, I found your posting interesting and helps in my preparations. Doa for me.

Small Hiker said...

Kahliab, best of luck! With preparations, I am sure you will reach the summit. My doa with you!