Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday, while we were at FRIM. I made a promise to my daughter that I'd take her to buy a new book since she has finished reading the last one. And the promise was also meant to motivate her to complete the trekking.

As expected, she bought the third book in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse.

She has finished reading the second book, New Moon. Since it's school holiday and I don't plan to go anywhere for holiday, I hope the book will keep her occupied.

The funny thing is she hasn't read the first book, Twilight, as yet. Since she has seen the movie, so reading the book is no longer a must. Anyway, she may buy it soon as we know it reading the novel is a completely different experience and feel as compared to watching the movie.

As for her Papa, I haven't seen the DVD of the movie as yet. I bought it a month ago and I still don't want to spend the time to watch it. And I wonder what the hype is all about the movie and the book. She watched all Harry Potter's movies but has never been interested to buy the novels. Maybe it's time for to watch it!

Talking about DVD, I think I have around 5 titles that I bought a month ago that I haven't watched as yet.

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