Thursday, May 28, 2009


These are some of the pictures taken when I went to FRIM two weeks ago. It was in the afternoon and a very short trip. Half way through, it was raining. As mentioned, I am going there again with my children tomorrow.

It's a nice place for picnic and jogging amidst the tropical rain forest. I don't know, I feel so at peace when I am in the jungle. Maybe it's because the body is discharging all the negative ions and absorbing the positive one provided by the environment?

This is the trek leading to the canopy walkway that was closed for maintenance repair.

It's rather steep but it was only like 100 meters of walking!

This giant "keladi" plant can be seen at the starting point of the trek.

This picture was taken near a "masjid' where I started the jungle trekking!

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