Sunday, May 24, 2009


Gunung Belumut Oh! Gunung Belumut!

It seems so hard to find directions on how to go there. I am planning to go there on Jun 27, 2009. And until now, I have no idea on how to go there except for the fact it's located in Kluang. That's all that I know! I am not from Johore, so how to go to Kluang, I have no freaking idea! I saw pictures of the place and I like it. And I just can't wait to to see the mossy mountain (that's where it got its name) and Batu Mahkota (Crown Rocks!)

I called the contact numbers that I found on somebody's blog like En. Rosmal of phototrek. He's very helpful. Unfortunately, the contact person can't help me.

And I contacted Abang Syam and Abang Yem (numbers from the net too!). Abang Yem told me that the Hutan Lipur Gunung Belumut (park) is now closed for trekkers and visitors. They are renovating the chalet now! It should be open soon! He asked me to contact him again in mid-June. At least, now I know a little bit on how to go there. From south bound PLUS highway, exit at Ayer hitam. Head down towards Bandar Kluang. From there, go towards Mersing. The park is around 26km from bandar Kluang. I'd depend a lot on signboards!

I was also told that to go there (for camping or just a day trekking), you must write to Jabatan Perhutanan Kluang for permit. It'd take 6 - 8 hours to complete the climb. Just what I need to prepare myself for Mt. Kinabalu!

People say climbing Mt. Kinabalu is not challenging at all, it's about walking, walking and walking! I don't want to underestimate it, it's about endurance and the cold weather could be very challenging!

I'll definitely write some more about Gunung Belumut!

In the meantime, Gunung Angsi, Here I come..... June 6, 2009!


mei said...

hey there... same as you.. i've been looking at g.belumut's trekking details! for my mt kinabalu preparation too.. think it's too late to climb it b4 mt kinabalu.. so any idea it's already re-opened? nice blog~

johnnie L said...

are you going to belumut again anytime soon?I am interested to climb this hill, but dont have any one to guide the way. I am looking for hiking kakis too.

Small Hiker said...

Hi Johnnie, Alamak, I have never been to Gunung Belumut lah! I can feel it's waving at me. Soon I guess. Let me know when you're going there. Who knows??

johnnie L said...

oh, I thought you have already gone there.
anyway I have started this group on facebook

hopefully once somebody organise I wil join them and you can join too. where are you from by the way?

Small Hiker said...

Johnnie - thank you. I am from Subang Jaya, central! I don't mind joining your group, who knows we can meet somewhere!