Saturday, May 23, 2009


I went up to Bukit Tabur, it's the second time this year. This time around, I am taking my eldest son with me. I was leading our colleagues, for some of them, it's their first hiking activity after so many years! There were 13 of us.

Bukit Tabur is located behind Taman Melawati, near a dam of SYABAS. It doesn't sound familiar? How about Bukit Melawati at Taman Melawati? The place where two paediatricians died? Yes... that's the one.

How to go there?

We are using MRR2 Highway and exit at Taman Melawati. From there, we passed BHP Petrol and shop houses and reached a roundabout. We took 3 o'clock turn and drove through until we reached another round about. Here, we took 12 o'clock turn. when we reached a T-Junction, we turned to the right and another right turn immediately after that. We passed behind some house and big bungalows on the left until we reached the gate to the dam. We gathered there!

The Treks

We started climbing at 8.00am. At the the beginning, the slope is steep and we passed typical rain forest area but it's not very thick. A few of us were already complaining saying it's too steep and they were not prepared for this outdoor activity.

There'd be a little bit of rock climbing. It could be dangerous, so be very careful. It's not advisable for children below 13 years old.

8 of us reached Peak 9, our target. The final challenge was going up through the rope to go back to Peak 9. Had to help the two ladies in our group to go up. We all enjoyed the trip, of course.
It took us slightly more than 3 hours to complete the climb up & down. Luckily, it was a cloudy day, it wasn't that hot at all. For me and my son, we finished 1.5 liters of isotonic drinks.


FERDAUSferdy said...

very nice...

Author said...

Good to hear that... And I will go again too!

ReActivateZul said...

::: salam bro [huhu] aiikk naik lagi ker bukit tabur? saya yg dok dekat dgn bukit tuh pon baru naik sekali [hehehe].. kecik2 dulu biasaklaa lepak kat air terjun kat 'dam' tuh dgn kawan2.. ada lagi sebenarnyer tmpt best sekitar kawasan ulu klang ni selain bukit tabur & bukit antarabangsa.. antaranyer bukit yg mana kolej sal [atau dulunyer akademi tv3] & berhadapan dgn jusco alpha angle.. di kolej sal tuh actually ada air terjun dahulunyer sblm dibuat kawasan perumahan di situ.. manakala di jusco tuh, di puncak bukit ada kubu org jepun.. dulu2 sblm wujudnyer wangsa maju, kita boleh nampak tinggalan kubu tersebut.. tapi sayang skrg dah hilang ditutup hutan belukar.. begitu juga dgn air terjun yg skrg nih sudah tiada.. nak panggil karam singh payah gak, sbb situ bekas bangunan milik tv3 [hehe]..
~ salam Nuzul Quran bro..