Thursday, October 23, 2008


I finally got the answer to the right petrol rebate amount. It's been RM625 all the while. What an uninformed citizen!

I went to the bank today and saved RM650 into my ASB account.

My target for 2009 is to save RM20,000 from my bonus.

Today, my colleague's sister died of hemorrhage dengue. He's got to pay for RM1,350 for the funeral expenses. I pity him as I know the fact that he's always had financial problems. So tomorrow, I will go around to meet my colleagues to collect donation for him. I sincerely hope that it will help to ease his financial burden.

Next, I will allocate my blog time to the Network Marketing businmess that I am in. I'd like to come up with the strategies on how to do the business. I believe the industry needs new approaches in building the business. I started by sending out flyers through news paper and the response hasn't been good. I suspect that the news paper vendor didn't do his job of inserting the flyers into the newspaper.

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