Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I lost the grant of my wife's car during the cleaning up of papers after moving into my new house. It took time, money and effort to get the copy from JPJ. I also lost my release letter from EON Bank together with the grant.

First I had to make police report on the loss and took the report to the Bank for them to release the duplicate copy of the release letter and letter of consent to change the owner to me as I have fully paid the car.

And today, I had to take leave to go to Puspakom to inspect the car (very "leceh") for them to match the chassis no and engine number to the same details in the grant.

After that, I went to JPJ to get the duplicate of the grant. It took a while as it was blacked-out for almost 45 minutes.

Yes, I finally got back the grant after spending RM60 for the letter from EON Bank, RM25 for Puspakom report, RM50 for the grant, about RM10 parking fees and of course 1 day of leave and some sweats.

The story didn't end here as the air-cond for the car broke down today as well.

I'll be going to the workshop to get it fixed on the way to Post Office after ward. I am going to renew my road tax at Shah Alam Post Office.

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