Saturday, April 3, 2010


بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِي

We are now ready to climb Gunung Ledang on Apr 24. At first, we had some hurdles on the logistics. Originally, I booked the cabins for 12 pax on Apr 22, not knowing and not checking on the calendar that it falls on Thursday. I confirmed with my colleagues that I had booked the cabins. In actual fact, it was booked on a wrong date. Another thing, I had the feeling that I was in JB when I made the call to Gunung Ledang Resort while in actual fact I was in Kuching! I was so disoriented with place and time!

A few days later, I called Taman Negara Ledang management to book the hiking permit and by then I realised that I should have booked the cabins on Apr 23 (Fri) instead. I managed to book the permits for 12 pax as planned on Apr 24.

With that confirmation, I had to call Gunung Leadang Resort to shift my booking date from Apr 22 to Apr 23. Unfortunately, the cabins and chalets were all full from Apr 23 - 26.

That was when I decided to change the overall logistics from one night camping trip to a day trip. That will involve meeting up at Seremban R&R at 5.30am with the aim of reaching Ledang and start hiking at 8.30am. My colleagues were all okay with it with the exception of one lady who thought that it'd be too risky to do it on a day trip as we had to leave very early in the morning and came back very late in the afternoon! That's always the case when we plan for group hiking and it's very difficult to please everyone. So this option was off!

We were exploring the idea of staying for one night in any cheap hotel in Ayer Keroh (at least it's already half way) when out of the bluw, a colleague offered his parents' place instead. And thank you to him, everyone agreed on that option!

Talking about the permit, below are the charges:

1. Entrance fee - RM5.00/pax

2. Hiking permit - RM5.00/pax

3. Insurance - RM2.00/pax

4. Deposit for Littering (Refundable) - RM25/pax

5. Guide - RM140 per 10 pax and we have to take 2 guides since there are 11 of us.

And I planned to have two guides anyway regardless on the number of pax as I want to split the group into two. One guide for the slower group and the other is for the faster group! And I don't want the faster group to wait for the slower one to reach any checkpoint!

I really hope that it's going to be a success and everyone will reach the summit regardless of their speed! And of course, my worry is the trail called Batu Hampar where it involves climbing a 4 storey-high rock surface with the help of big ropes! If the ladies can pass this level, they can go all the way up to the summit!


ian yusof said...

Interesting! You have a good blog, and it should be named as Diary of a Serious Hiker! We should sit down one of these days and talk more! :)

Small Hiker said...

Ian, thank you for following my blog. I am still a small hiker in my own definition.... Ok, let's meet one of these day and discuss how we can work together!

azlan said...

good luck for your ledang trip. i just went there 3 days ago.

which hotel you will stay at ayer keroh?


Small Hiker said...

Cerita tak habih... we'll stay at a friend's parents' place in Tangkak. Leaving today (Friday)and I really hope that all of us will make it to the peak!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hiker..

Just happen to see your post.. Is it still allowed to camp half way to the summit? My friends and I are going next month.

Enjoy the climbing~~

Small Hiker said...

Anonymous, I heard it's still allowed to camp midway to the summit.