Sunday, April 25, 2010


بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِي

This week, I went to Gunung Ledang with my colleagues. This is going to be the highest mountain yet for our group! There were 11 of us and 10 of us made it to the summit. The other person gave up after 2nd Check point complaining that he's too old for this!

Thank you to one of our colleagues who agreed to allow us to stay at his parents' place in Bukit Gambir prior to climbing the next day! Without him, this trip might not have been possible. The original plan was for us to stay in cabin/chalet at Gunung Ledang Resort. However, the place was full for the weekend!

We started the climb at 8am after the briefing session by Taman Negara Johor's staff. We were told that Gunung Ledang is the tallest mountain in southern Peninsular Malaysia and it's the sixth toughest mountain to climb! It'd take 10 hours to complete the climb!

Everything went well and smoothly from the first Check Point, Bukit Semput. By the time we reached the third Check Point, the guide must have noticed that our group was on the slower side and suggested that we took the alternative route to the summit instead. I objected as that meant we'd have to skip some of the interesting and challenging trails especially Batu Hampar & Gua Kambing! Finally, everybody agreed to go through Batu Hampar as we were not that slow after all. We could still make it to the peak around 2pm and start descending about 3pm!

Batu Hampar is about 60 degrees slope of rock surface and it's 110 meters high. Congratulations to my colleagues as everybody made it through this trail despite the fact it's an acrophobic experience!

We reached the peak at 2pm, after climbing for 6 hours! If we didn't reach the peak by 3pm, we'd have to turn back as we might not reach back the base before dark! Congratulations again to all.
We reached back the base at 6pm and the last person reached there 25 minutes later. Even though we were slow but we made it before it was dark. After taking shower, we left Taman Negara Johor Gunung Ledang with fond memories and sense of achievement!


nz نورأزيندا said...

suatu pengalaman yg terindah utk aku mendaki Ledang with you n the rest..
macam mimpi!

DrSam said...

Bravo! I hope you got the chance to meet Puteri Gunung Ledang while enjoying breathtaking scenery. I conquered the peak in 1988 and it took us two days to reach the peak as it was raining and the lightning felt too close up there.

Small Hiker said...

Dr. Sam, tak jumpa PGL pun, bawak 3 dayang2 naik ke summit... The view was breathtaking albeit it was cloudy!

Azinda, next will be either Pine Tree Hill or Rajah. In which case, I need to reccee first... tak pernah ke sana....

ReActivate said...

::: syabas bro! rindu plak dgn gunung ledang bila tengok gambar2 & cerita bro di sini.. insya-Allah saya pon akan mendaki semula gunung ledang tak lama lagi dgn sahabat saya. tak sabar rasa. tapi bila saya dah meningkat usia nih mmg nampak perubahan tahap kepenatan tuh [hehe].. saya baru jer balik dari mendaki bukit 200m utk ke muka head light house di taman negara p.pinang, mengah jugak mendaki [huhu]. rajin betul ler bro ni hiking! :)

Small Hiker said...

Reactivate: last year, hiking activities were to prepare for Mount Kinabalu. And this time around, to prepare for Gunung Tahan (lagi tough kan!)

::: ReActivate ::: said...

::: gunung tahan mmg lebih tough berbanding dgn gunung2 lain di m'sia.. amboiii byk tul daki.. jeless saya! mmg betul2 fit bro nih! cayalah!!! chayok chayok!

Anonymous said...

Salam. Sy Arman from Kulai, Johor.
Berminat utk menyertai sebarang aktiviti mendaku gunung @ hiking. If possible, sy nk join the team for the next progs / activities.


Small Hiker said...

Arman, boleh saja nak join. Tapi saya jarang turun ke Johor.

Anonymous said...

Salam Mr.Small Hiker.

Sy bru sahaja plg dari Gunung Tahan bersama team Outerrange Adventure (from KL). Not happened as i wish coz we didnt reach the summit. Hmm..disappointed to be honest. Kami naik melalui trail JEMENTAH (dimaklumkan ada trail lain yg lebih singkat iaitu ASAHAN & LAGENDA). Semua ada dalam 50 org. Kami sampai di 'Simpang Tiga Jumaat'? (the name of the point as been told by the abang guide, pada pukul 1 petang. Lenguh sangat coz dimaklumkan trail ni agak susah. We didnt know yg abg Guide x teruskan pendakian sebab turun menemankan sorang hiker yg dah x larat. So ada dua teenager (anak abg guide) yg guide we all. We stucked about an hour kat Simpang 3 Jumaat tu and finally the team leader decide for us to return to the camp site. Dimaklumkan bhwa masa dah lewat sebab at least ada 4 jam utk sampai ke area yg dkt dgn puncak (dimaklumkan ada beberapa puncak lain seperti Puncak Mahligai, Anak Mahligai dan '3244' dan Batu Kapal klu x silap sy. So, kitorang just smpai dalam ketinggian 500 ++ metres. Kitorang bermalam kat air terjun (campsite) then pagi Ahad tadi (17hb Okt) bru turun semula ke pusat berkumpul tmpt letak kereta. Huh. Wish i could do much much better next time.3126155

Anonymous said...


Encik Small Hiker ada akaun facebook..? Kalau ada, boleh sy add..?

Mine : /

username : Arman Kay.

Good days ahead. Penat but enjoy.. :)

Small Hiker said...

Arman, I got two friends joining the trip that you talked about. Salah sorang ialah John, he's from Outerrange! He's a personal friend! Have you been to Gunung Belumut, Kluang? Been wanting to go there!

Rasa ralat kan, tak sampai peak? The group is too big. And I'd go with splitting the group to 5 teams at least, half way through, after knowing their fitness level!