Saturday, June 23, 2012

Taking A Year Break

My next trip to Gunung Datuk on June 30 will be the last hiking trip for me this year.

I'll be taking a year break from hiking as advised by my Orthopedic.

If you have been reading my updates, you've probably noticed that I have been complaining about slip disc, knee pain and lately shoulder pain. The shoulder is a relapse from an incident that happened a long time ago.I will need a long time for them recuperate.

So what will I blog about? 

First of all, the blog may have to be renamed to 'mini hiker'. LOL!

I may take about other exercises/activities that I will keep doing like swimming, brisk walking, camping, trekking on flat area (not hiking) and perhaps foods!

I change the name of the blog to Small Baker lah! LOL!

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