Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tabur Extreme

I heard a lot about Tabur Extreme but somehow I really had no idea on how to get there until I met a hiking friend at the peak of Tabur East.  She was excited about the idea and had the trip arranged.  Unfortunately, she couldn't join us on that day.  The entrance is located deep inside after exiting at the entrance of Zoo Negara, I think it's about 5 km.
We started off at about 8am and completed the hiking about 4 hours later.  My verdict is the place is nothing to shout about, Tabur Extreme/Tabur 3 offers scenery that is similar to Tabur West and East.  There was nothing extreme about the except perhaps it's less hiked.  The treks were not clear as the place and someone in the group had to use 'parang' to clear the treks. 
Ar the peak, I could see the peaks of West Tabur and East Tabur.

Enjoy the pictures.

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