Sunday, March 6, 2011


I go through my blog updates lately and I noticed that I haven't been updating much about hiking activities anymore. 

The fact is I still go out and hike but I haven't been exploring new places as yet.  Hiking is my favourite outdoor activities that I do it very often over the weekend.  These days, it's a fortnightly event that I do with either family members, colleagues or friends.  There was one time I had no one to follow me as it was unplanned so I went alone to Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve in Puchong.  It's not advisable to hike alone but it's okay to do so in places like Bukit Gasing, Ayer Hitam FR, Broga Hill and several others at the fringe of KL area as these places are frequented by a lot of people over the weekend. 

When I was hiking alone in Ayer Hitam FR, I took the time to read at least a chapter from the book that I was reading at that time. 

For the first time ever, I went jungle trekking with my family members.  We are not from Selangor but all of us with the exception of one brother are currently staying in Shah Alam and Klang area.  Eight of us including my eldest brother and his wife, my sisters, youngest brother, a niece and a nephew went for jungle trekking at Ayer Hitam FR last month.  It's a beautiful and memorable experience to have an outdoor family outing like that.  It was the first time that we had such outing and we plan not to make it as the last one as well.  We now plan to do it at least once a quarter. 

I have got my hiking activities planned with at least one monthly event up to July this year.  The curtain closure before the fasting month will be the trip to Bukittinggi, Padang, Indonesia.  Other than that, we are also planning to go to Port Dickson for raptor watch and cliff climbing, to Penang for hiking, swimming at Pantai Kerachut and makan-makan and to Cameron Highlands for hiking and shopping for fresh agri produces. 

I am happy as everything is going on smoothly and we have implemented two trips planned for the month of January and February namely Angsi via Bukit Putus and Nuang via Janda Baik.  I'll blog about our experience at Nuang soon.

How about the update on the wight loss initiative - KL's Biggest Loser? The second update is due and I lost almost two kilos within two months.  We were ready for the third weigh-in but the scale at the gym was broken.  It was a relief to some of us as the result hasn't been encouraging.  Losing weight and dieting should be a life long journey instead of a destination. It should be a mental state of being, being conscious of what we eat all the times, being conscious about exercise and living healthy lifestyle.  It's also about commitment and not about interest.  Everyone is interested to lose weight and do a lot of exercise, but how many can say that they are committed to it? Commitment is about not accepting any excuses, just results! 

Books?  I am currently reading a local book on coaching. It's my new passion at work as part of the company's initiative towards crating coaching culture.  I am reading the book to equip myself to be a better coach.  I am planning to be a certified coach and amongst the requirements is I need to do at least 100 hours of coaching.  Coaching is about empowering the employees to come up with their own solutions towards improving their performance at work. I will not talk much about it except for the book that I am currently reading.  This is the third book for this year.  I am also planning to finish reading some books that I read half way, there was biography of Anita Roddick, the founder of Body Shop that I read half way.  I couldn't relate to her mid way through.  What the heck, I'll finish it soon.  It was one of those cheap books that I bought at exhibition for old books.

Other than the above, it's business as usual!


DrSam said...

with you hectic hiking activities I think you shouldn't worry much on your diet ;)

Small Hiker said...

Not really lah Doc! Metabolic rate has slowed down a lot!

solidus_de_liberty said...

A little question please? Do you need any permission to get into Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve? Because the last time i called the UPM Forestry Department they insisted that i need to get permission and the area is off-limit to the public.