Sunday, March 6, 2011

Small Hiker's Book Series - The Power of Subconscious Mind

I bought this book about three years ago. I read it half way and put it down as I wasn't comfortable about the references to bible in almost all chapters.  The book is about the power of subconscious mind towards self healing and removing some mental blocks in achieving success. 

I was about to spend some money to buy more books to read during the last CNY holiday but then I remembered that I still had books that I read half way and this was one of them. 

I decided to give it one last try and finish it. And I also decided to filter what I read and digested only the universal values shared by the author.  After all, all religions in the world are about propagating better individuals in the context of the community at large using the values of good deeds.  With that in mind, I finished reading the book within a week. 

It's a practical book and it talks a lot about self affirmations and the inner self.  As one saying goes 'we are the sum of our thoughts'.  That's what I do these days, I start the day by having the attitude of gratitude, by being grateful of what I have, my good health, good career, good family, wife and children. By being grateful I remove the worry of not having enough and I am in a positive emotional state for the rest of the day.  

Being grateful is an energizing way to start the day and a relaxing way to end it.  Give it a try!

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