Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reading Habit - The Lost Symbol

Phew!  It took me such a along time to finish reading the novel.  It's a very fascinating read but then I always have other distractions, most notably going online.  Unlike a close colleague, she can finish a book in just one night!

I am known as an insomniac, the other end of insomniac, I wake up very early in the morning and never go back to sleep until the next evening.  Just imagine, I am already awake at 2am and never go back to sleep the whole day and by 7pm, I'd really get sleepy and it's so common for me to sleep at around 9pm!  And then, I'd sleep for about 4 hours and the biology clock wakes me up automatically!  Therefore, it's not unusual for me to sleep during day time over the weekends!  It's payback time.  I have my ideal weekend when I exercise in the morning, to be followed with 3 - 4 hours of sleep!

Reading is a very good 'sleeping pill' and I always go back to sleep after reading something for about 1 hour.  The novel did that for me at one time and I felt so good when I wake up in the morning, it was  already 5.30am.  However, the same trick didn't work at one time too, I got so engrossed with the reading and I did it from 2am until 5am, non-stop.  It's okay I guess as I don't read Dan Brown's novel all the times!

As we are coming to the year end soon, I must say that I don't reach my target of reading 8 books this year.  I'd end up with 3 books maybe.  I am now reading a book on Coaching.  It's related to my work as we're going to transform the company towards embracing he coaching culture from next year onwards.  It's also part of my preparation towards becoming a coach!

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