Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had the company's annual dinner last Saturday.  I must say I enjoyed the shows being put up by the organiser.  Instead of paying professional singers to entertain us, the organiser chose to have a talent time show with participation from the employees.

I participated in the talent time contest as a friend/colleague asked me to join his group.  Originally we were supposed to sing a medley of two or three songs that include a song by Radiohead and Muse.  However, before we even turned up for the practice, my friend had a better idea.  Why not we play snippets of songs that use up to 4 chords only!  With that concept, we ended up choosing the final selection of 22 song snippets.  They include songs from Journey, John Denver, 3am, Muse, Lighthouse Family, Elton John, U2, Michael Jackson, etc! 

It was tough memorising the sequence and the lyrics and we turned up for the audition with lyric sheets in hand.  We were lucky as the management team selected all 7 groups to advance for the final during the annual dinner! 

Small Hiker on stage with his colleagues!

As history had it, we were the 2nd runner up winners that walked away with RM2,000 cash for 4 of us.  I had an enjoyable time performing for my fellow colleagues and I knew they were cheering us up and gave us standing ovation!

After the dinner show, I didn't wait that long as I needed to rest for the next day's hiking at Angsi via Bukit Putus.  And as I promised I met my fellow hikers the next day at the foot of Mount Angsi. 

I must have been tired from the excitement of the annual dinner as I felt exhausted going up the easy mountain.  This is the mountain that I'd choose to climb if I want to have a retreat but today I felt it was rather challenging.  Nevertheless, we reached the peak within 2 hours. 

On the way up, we were lucky to see this scorpion and all of us took the pic for our own collection! 

I was wearing a new t-shirt that I bought from John, the pathfinder!  And I still owe him the money!  I like the t-shirt as it's dry fit, suitable for hiking activity.

On the way back, we stopped over at the nearby orchard cum restaurant to have our cold drink.  As for me, my favourite at this restaurant was ambarella juice.  It had slightly bitter taste mixed with the sour taste from dried plum (asam boi). I enjoyed the drink!   

And we left immediately after.  As for me, late lunch was waiting for me at home! 


nz نورأزيندا said...

ishh ishh.. Angsi again!
looking fwd Tanjung Tuan on 2011
~~ next time bring back the scorpion for me eh

Small Hiker said...

Aku dan Angsi, macam aku dan Tabur! Almost! Let's go there again and let's look for the scorpion!!

DrSam said...

any chance to see your newly-formed band on youtube :)

Small Hiker said...

It's all recorded of course. Let me get the coyright out of the way first! Thank you for your interest! After watching it, don't blame me if you puke! He He He!

Michael said...

Hi Small Hiker,

Your hiking experiences are very interesting and informative. I would like to bring my family to climb G. Angsi in May as part of our training for our Mt. Kinabalu climb in June. This will be our 1st time for both gunungs. Can you give me the directions to the Bukit Putus entrance from the KL-S'ban Highway?
Additionally, if we were to climb Angsi using Bukit Putus, will we have to go through Phase 4A, the rocky part where ropes have to be used to climb up?
Thanks very much.

Small Hiker said...

Hi Michael, thank you for the comment and email. Let's communicate via email!