Saturday, June 5, 2010


I am sad as I had to cancel the hiking plan to Pine Tree Hill with my colleagues. We have made the preparation for over a month and everyone was looking forward to it. We were supposed to leave on Friday afternoon next week and spend a night at Fraser's Hill.

However, I had to cancel the trip as I was scheduled to see an orthopedic on the same day. Seeing the orthopedic on the same day is not really the reason to cancel the plan. The persistent pain on my back is the reason for it.

I have been having back pain for almost a year. It all happened when I was cleaning up my storage room when it was attacked by termites. I was overcome with emotions as I had to throw away some books and other paper products that had sentimental value from the storage room. I didn't pay any attention to my posture. And as fate had it, I injured my back then!

Anyway, it was a slight injury, I thought so as I could move freely and it only caused me pain every now and then when I exerted myself too much.

After coming back from Gunung Tahan, the pain was becoming unbearable, the numbness on my right leg would cause me pain right to the sole of my foot. And it always happens when I am in the car for a long time (that's always the case as I drive for more than 1 hour a day). At times, it was no longer numb but it was also painful!

So I have no choice, I am scheduled to see an orthopedic to see the extent of my injury. I don't want to write much of what I have in mind now until the specialist assesses my condition. After that, I can plan of what to do with my life especially when it comes to fitness exercises!

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