Sunday, June 20, 2010


It's the last week of mid-term school holiday and as planned we left for Bukit Merah Lake Town resort for 3D 2N holiday.

The children were having fun, the eldest two went into the theme park, while the youngest two boys enjoyed themselves in the swimming pool at the apartment.

On the day that we were supposed to check out and left for Penang to attend a wedding of our niece, I had a bad sneeze that affected my health until today.

Before leaving, I was already not feeling well. I had my MRI done and based on the result I had to undergo physio treatment as I had slip disc (no too serious as the nerves were not affected!) between L4 & L5 and between L5 and S1.

When I sneezed that day before performing my solat subuh, I guess that I was in bad posture, it caused me severe pain on my back as if it's going to rip apart and break into two. I continued praying on sitting position. When I was done praying, I realised that I couldn't walk anymore, the pain was so unbearable. I couldn't even lie in bed! We decided to cancel the trip to Penang and headed home instead.

Luckily I had hiking stick in the car that I can use as support to help me move about. The hotel staff was surprised to see me again as I was okay and could still swim the day before.

Luckily, I had my wife who could drive us back home. Upon reaching home, the pain had subsided but I still couldn't move about freely without the help of walking stick.

I am resting at home now and will see the Orthopedic again on Monday!

What a holiday!


DrSam said...

I am sorry to hear your not-so good predicament thus shortened your holiday. I had my share of slid disc experience in Disember 2008 and yes the pain is very excruciating.

I hope you are coping well and have plenty of rest before you continue your vigorous outdoor activities again.

Small Hiker said...

Dr. Sam, thanl you. Yes, I am taking a long rest from hiking activities now. May only start after Raya.