Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gunung Angsi - not well!

I haven't been well since I came down from Pine Tree Hill last Saturday. In fact the symptoms were there when I reached Fraser's Hill on Friday. Was it the driving through long and winding road that made me giddy at first? Or was it the dust at The Pines Resort? The apartment at Pines Resort was dusty, dirty and smelly. It must be the combination of both and later on the 7 hours hiking made it worse!

I popped in panadol and piriton before going to sleep last Friday. And with that I had a good sleep. And when we started hiking at 9am, I could feel that my throat was dry and felt uneasy!

Yesterday at the office, we just heard that a child of a colleague at the same floor was down with H1N1. I think our colleague must be home quarantined by now! My boss who heard that I wasn't well suggested that I went to see our in-house Dr. I don't think I'd do that as I am okay, slight fever and sore throat only. The sore throat was really making me feel unpleasant!

Anyway, I don't have any major hiking activity to do this week. In fact, I didn't have anything planned at all. As usual, I always have Bukit Tabur in mind when I don't have any place to go!

However, for this week, I am planning to go to Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus. I was told it's much shorter route and it takes around 4 hours to complete it. Yup! Gunung Angsi, I am going to see you again! Let's have a date on Sunday this week!


nz نورأزيندا said...

pity you..
get well soon!
anyway, i'm going to Tabur this Saturday with Faizal..
Hope John will join us.

Small Hiker said...

Jeles.... but then I don't want to exert myself... tengah tak sihat ni.... John tu dah balik tak nak sms aku....

ReActivate said...

::: get well soon bro.. Rest - it does a body good.

Small Hiker said...

Reactivate: I have been resting and this time around the virus is so stubborn.. nak kata tak sihat, sihat pulak dan nak kata sihat, tak sihat lah pulak... Petang2 je mula temperature naik dan tekak gatal2....