Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yes! I went to Tabur West today with another two colleagues. I know that I haven't fully recovered as yet. I had to do it as I haven't been exercising for the past two weeks. Missed my gym exercise and no sport activities over the last two weekends.

There were a lot of hikers today and it was like a carnival up there! Every now and then, there were human traffic jams as everyone took their turn to do their rock climbing, up and down the steep slopes.

We were going slow too and we stopped a lot to enjoy the breathtaking views and to snap pictures! As opposed to the popular choice of going down through the orchard, we came back using the same route! It was challenging and it was fun! However, the weather was a bit too hot for me and I could feel that my body temperature rose again!

By the time, we had our lunch at the Melawati Hawkers Centre, I started sneezing and had to excuse myself to get into the car earlier after completing my lunch!

Upon reaching home, after taking shower and zohor prayers, I popped in panadol and piriton and went to sleep. I dozed off until 6.30pm!

I really hope that I got over this flu and fever bugs by this week as I need to be at the top of my health when I go for my Tahan Challenge!

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