Saturday, October 17, 2009


I really don't have any outdoor activity planned as yet for the rest of the year. Been reading other blogs where the owners are busy arranging for hiking trips here and there. Reading the time that they have allocated for each trip, it really impresses me. They'd spend more than one night, camping on the mountains. Depending on the mountains, some would spend 3 or 4 nights, sleeping, eating and resting in their tents in a thick jungle in the middle of nowhere!

The longer they stay, the heavier their backpack will be, stuffed with food items, utensils and portable gas burner. Not to forget, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent and change of clothes. They'd need to load up all these in their 60 liters hiking bag. That's really heavy!

Personally, I have been doing my climbing the executive way and all the while it's been day hiking too. I don't carry heavy back pack, like in the case of Mt. Kinabalu, I got the porter to carry it to to the top.

Day hiking is easy. You don't have to carry heavy stuffs and you don't have to spend time sleeping in the mountain and preparing your own meals. And I guess it's less fun too! That's why I am thinking about joining all those groups in their more-than-2-nights hiking trips!

As for the preparation, other than physical preparation, it's just as important to have good hiking back packs (can be costly!) and of course the tent, sleeping bag; the whole gamut!

Due to that, I will only be ready for that next year. In the meantime, I'd spend my weekends, hiking Bukit Tabur (my favourite) , Bukit Gasing, Gunung Datuk, Pine Tree Hill, Gunung Nuang (via Janda Baik!), etc.


Sharif John said...

I think you should try sir.... this Dicember wanna join me for Trans Titi? 6 days in the jungle... its pretty awsome.... so much you can learn.... especially about pathfinding...

Faisal Admar said...

whoa. your blog is interesting. different from others in term of the content :)

i'd like to know more about your hiking journey :)