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Saturday October 10, 2009 – The Star

Going up Tabur

Here are some safety tips for first-time hikers:

>Always go with someone who knows the trail well, and never hike alone. Visitors' movements are not monitored in Tabur, unlike in state or national parks. In the doctors' case, their badly decomposed bodies were only found three days later, when one of their cars was spotted near the trailhead.

>If you're scared of heights, you should give Tabur a miss. A friend of mine with acrophobia was scared stiff during our hike in Tabur. It spoilt her outing.

>Start out early. Not only could you catch an amazing sunrise, you can avoid the scorching sun due to lack of shade on the exposed ridge.

>Dehydration or fatigue causes disorientation. It's easy to stumble or lose your footing when you're groggy. Keep yourself hydrated and get in shape. Tabur is not the place to build your stamina due to its rugged terrain. Use flat, easy trails or the gym instead.

>Bring some energy bars or snacks. You never know how long you may end up on the trail, especially if someone in your group is unfit or gets hurt.

>Bring along your mobile phone. In the past, lost hikers have managed to call the police from their mobile phones.

>Avoid hiking after nightfall. You might step into a "bottomless" pit or get hopelessly stranded. In 2003, 13 hikers out of a group of 20 went missing while trying to get down the hill at dusk. They were rescued eight hours later.

>Missing hikers are not uncommon in Tabur. Try not to stray off the path unless you're GPS-equipped or highly experienced.

>It's prudent to register your name at the Melawati Police Station — Tel: (03) 4108 1222 — before your hike. It'll help speed up rescue operations or evacuation should the need arise.

In the websites of outdoor gear retailers like Corezone and Lafuma, you will find groups advertising hikes to Bukit Tabur.


Anonymous said...

a very good entry.for first timer, it is important for them to take all the necessary precaution to avoid any injuries...keep it up bro!
like urself, i would not get bored with tabur! but, im planning to go to Tabur east side. after few trips to tabur west, time to go back to Tabur east side, i believe with better expereince at Tabur west side, east side would b much easy!

Anonymous said... is Tavur...n not Tabur?hahahhaha.....joking bro!

Small Hiker said...

it's corrected already... Bukit Tabur...

DrSam said...

salam bro. hope your foot blister is recovering fast for you to conquer another peak.

Small Hiker said...

dr. sam, you're back. good to hear from you. my blisters.. more like athlete's foot gone bad... it's very bad this time around... Alhamdulillah, it's recovering...