Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Climbing With Colleagues

It was 6.40am, Saturday morning, July 4, 2009, I reached BHP Petrol Taman Melawati and while waiting for the rest of the group (9 of us including The Author) to arrive, I went for my roti canai breakfast nearby.

By 7.20am, we headed towards the foothill. We did our warm up and took group photo. Ascending started at around 7.40am after crossing the stream that flows from the Ulu Klang dam. There were smiles all over!

By the time we started the climb, the first 20 steps itself, the smiles were all gone. They put on the smiles just for the camera!

Those who had experienced hiking the west side agreed that the east side offers more challenges and more difficult. There were a lot of treks that need to be rope-assisted.

Two of the ladies decided not to hike up the last peak, a 2.5 storey high and you need to do rock climbing with no safety harness! The rope helped a lot. On the way down, there was fist-sized rock fell and missed us! From the last peak, we saw a two guys group that decided to make Peak 5 as the last and decided not to climb the last peak!

Alhamdulillah! We completed the climb 4 hours later, around 11.40am. It was a fun and enjoyable climb for all!


dulcezitoo said...

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Anonymous said...

i like ur sentence..."By the time we started the climb, the first 20 steps itself, the smiles were all gone" happend! even to a regular hikers!

John Iverson said...

Nice... Bukit tabur is 1 of my favourite...

The Author said...

Yup, Bukit Tabur is also one of my my favourites. I think I'll come here every month.