Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I thought Gunung Nuang is my last hiking trip for mountains above 800 meters before leaving for Mt. Kinabalu next month. I had already planned for hiking trips with friends and colleagues on Jul 26 (Broga Hill) and Aug 8 (Bukit Tabur). However, I have nothing planned on Aug 1.

I have options between Gunung Bunga Buah (Genting), Gunung Datuk (Rembau) and Pine Tree Hill. I've been to Gunung Datuk and I will go there again, may be next year. And that left me with two choices, Pine Tree Hill or Gunung Bunga Buah.

I was told that the trail for Gunung Bunga Buah is not clear and there are a lot of leeches there even though during the current dry season! I don't have that much of info about this mountain as well. All I know is the starting point is behind Hotel Sri Malaysia and I am not sure whether permit is required or not. I heard it's required and the mountain is under the management of Genting group, it's a private property? Anyway, a Facebook contact told me that he joined Malaysian Nature Society's (MNS) trip hiking the mountain recently.

As for Pine Tree Hill, it's a 6 - 7 hours of hiking trip, located at Fraser's Hill, it's 1,447 meters/4,750 feet above sea level. I was told that the trail is clear, no permit required and of course the attraction of relaxing at Fraser's Hill after that. I have been to Gunung Gap and Ulu Semangkuk (the entrance is near Gap Rest House) and Pine Tree Hill is just nearby!

So, I made the decision, it's going to be Pine Tree Hill on Aug 1! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

nice picture? is it at Pine tree hill?

John Iverson said...

I don't know what so special about Bunga Buah... maybe the name...? I've been there... the leechs? not too overwhelming... I suggest you go to Pine tree Hill... I want to join also la bro... never been there