Sunday, June 14, 2009


The east side of Bukit Tabur is just as interesting. I knew about the treks from fellow trekkers that I met after completing the climb of the more popular west side.

The treks are located behind Ulu Klang Gate dam. We need to cross small streams to get to the treks.

The fun began immediately after we crossed the streams. We thought of bathing in the streams after the climb but the place was dirty and smelly and the water was not deep enough either.

The treks are more challenging than the west side. It's not as rocky but we had to do a lot of rock climbing.

The first hurdle was going through the steep slope with rope. It was fun but we had to make sure that the rope was still in good condition. Otherwise, if it snaps half way,there you go! The slope below was neither steep nor high. We could still climb up without the rope (I think so!!).

We can see the dam clearly from from the east side hills.You can't see it from the west side though. The lake is closer to this side of the hill.

The slope below is 50 meters high and it's almost 90 degrees. It could be dangerous and we have to be very careful. And the this slope is the reason for me not to promote this place to my female colleagues. I don't want to be responsible for their safety And at the same time, I don't want to end up spending so much time looking after them. Sorry!!! And we had to use the rope. However, we were advised not to depend so much on the rope! Thanks to a group of trekkers, otherwise we would have stopped at Peak 5.

We had fun and this place is recommended to those who want to get away from the city on weekend. We spent 4 hours to complete the climb.

We were told that people would go up at around 6am, early enough to reach the peak to catch the sunrise. I am planing to do that one of these days. Perhaps, I'd take my son along.


MohdHafizKamal said...

Awesome can inexperience like me can join you

DrSam said... conquered another one. Congrat!

Anonymous said...

wow....i truely agreed with you. East side of bukit tabur seems to be more challenging as compare to the west side! and with a more breath taking views! i would want to join u some of these days! will contact u soon!!!

jipp said...

So it really is true that there are two portions of Bkt Tabur. I think this East Side is the one that I have yet to conquer. Thanks for sharing this.

Small Hiker said...

Jipp: Or rather there are three including Tabur Extreme. I haven't been there yet.