Sunday, June 28, 2009


Jun 27, Sat, 4.30am
Left my house to head to Broga Hill that's located 37km from KL. It is only 30 minutes drive from KL and 3 km from Broga Hill.

How to go there. I was leaving from Putra Heights so naturally I'd take LDP heading to Kajang area. Drive down towards Semenyih. You'll not get lost following the signboards on the highway. As you exit from the highway towards Semenyih, you'll see a big signboard to University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus. On your right side, there's a Petronas station. Take the exit to the left to Broga town and you'll pass the campus on your left. Two kilometers from there, you'd reach the parking area at the foothill of Broga Hill. It's located in a palm oil plantation right across a Rabbit Farm. You can park your car on the roadside or like most people, they parked their car in the Palm oil estate itself.

We started the hiking. It was still dark and I put on headlight (just bought it for RM40 from ACE Hardware, a few days before!). I didn't really know the way and I realised that we took the wrong trek and people behind us turned to the right and went up the hill. Instead of doing that, we went straight. We turned back and tailed the two groups. We climbed for 40 minutes to reach the top! It was an easy hiking, not much challenge at all, just what I needed after hiking Gunung Angsi and Ulu Semangkuk in the same month. It was more like a walk in the park!

We reached the top of the hill. It's a very popular spot especially dueing weekends. Easily, there are 200 people on the hill. There could be human traffic jam up there! We stopped over to take pictures amongst the crowds at the first two peaks.

Below are the pictures of the famous X trail of Broga Hill!

No tall trees on the hill, that explains why people go up early to avoid the sunlight! In fact it's full of lalang. It's more like lalang hill! At first I thought people go up early to see sunrise. When you see the sun, it was already like 7.30am something. That's not a sunrise anymore! It's advisable anyway, to go up early to avoid the scorching sunlight. By 10am, it's so hot. I don't think there'd be that many people on the hill at that time.

The lalangs were partly torched. It must be a fire started by smoker who simply threw away his cigarette butt in the dry lalang. (my assumption only lah!). There were patches of burnt lalang here and there. There were a few tall trees on this hill and they were not spared by the fire.

The highest peak is located at the far end, next to a jungle. There are some people who go into the jungle, trek it and come out from the other side of the hill. I didn't do that as my car was parked on this side of the foothill.

We started descending after taking so many pictures (typical of us!!, one pic in every 10 steps!!). Going down is easy and some people just slided down. As for me, I prefer to run when there were not that many people along the stretch. We ran down the hill and reached the foothill 20 minutes later.

Stopped over in Kajang and had satay. Haven't been to this place for so long and it has changed a lot. The interior is so much different and better now.

As a summary, to those who want to start a hiking activity, Broga Hill would be a good choice. It was steep at the beginning otherwise, not much challenges at all. I am planning to take my whole family there one of these days!

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