Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It's fasting month now and I don't have any outdoor activity to post on this blog. So this posting is almost like 'basi' as it happened while I was there in Kota Kinabalu. I was there for 5 days and so far I blogged about my 3 days of climbing Mount Kinabalu.

On the fourth day, we decided to go on island hopping after having a night's rest at a highland hotel in Kundasang. Not much to do there, we were there just to rest and to have a good sleep.

So, the next day, we left for our city hotel early in the morning without breakfast to get some stuffs for island hopping especially beach shorts, towel, sun block lotion and goggles. Pity our tour guide as he had to miss his breakfast too and to compensate for that we tipped him.

We could walk to Jesselton Point but since our legs are aching from the climb, we decided to take a cab for RM10. We went straight away to see the 'Abang' that we met on the first day to book our boat transfer for two islands namely Sapi and Manukan. The boat transfer was RM27 each and we had to pay additional RM6 each for jetty fee and another RM3 each for park fee. For the park fee, we had to pay once only at Sapi Island. We also rented snorkeling equipment and fin.

Sapi Island is more beautiful and the water is clearer as compared to Manukan Island. So after having our late breakfast of nasi goreng we jumped into the sea armed with fish food of dried bread that we bought for RM2 at the restaurant.

It was a different experience altogether. We had fun time playing with all sort of fish species that come with different colour. It's advisable to put on rubber shoes and swimming shirt for snorkeling or else you'll end up like me, stepping on thorny coral and having terrible sun burn. As of today, the skin on my back was still peeling.

After spending about two hours plus on Sapi Island, we hopped to another island, Manukan, a more commercial complete with chalets, etc. The water is not as clear as the one in Sapi island and not as many fish as well. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time there.

Below are some pictures that I took on the first day including the sotong bakar that cost me RM12. The sotong bakar was partly the cause of my diarrhoea on the way up Mount Kinabalu.

So, what to write during fasting month when outdoor activity is off? I guess, I'd go into my passion, personal finance and diet! Tunggu ah! Coming soon!


Anonymous said...

wow, it's a bonus for you! after you had conquered mount Akinabalu, and you jumped snokling! two differetn activities! agree with you, either you wear rubber shoe, or you wear a fin to avoid form you get hurt by the coral. swimming suit? nooo....x best brenang wearing shirt!
btw, the sotong and other seafood bakar made feel terliur! in bolan posa like this!

DrSam said...

Great adventure, nice places and beautiful photoshots.

Salam Ramadhan almubarak.

The Author said...

Dr. Sam, Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Beribadah.

::: ReActivate ::: said...

::: ive been to sabah before but
::: never had a chance for island
::: hoping [huhu] must be interes-
::: ting kan? actually saya penah
::: dok sabah for several years
::: masa kecik2 dulu..

::: [re]: tak sangka pulak, bro
::: penah berbuka di mutiara jb..
::: entah2, probably kita penah
::: sama2 berbuka di sana, cuma
::: tak kenal ajer [hehe].. last
::: year i went there twice [huhu]
::: mak aii, sheraton mesti laa
::: best..

::: btw, what did u mean by
::: personal finance tuh? nak buat
::: loan beli rumah ker? [huhuhu]
::: interesting jugak tuh.. i love
::: searching properties [hehe]..

~ selamat berpuasa/berbuka bro!!!

The Author said...

personal finance is more on how to manage your own finances especailly when you have mounting debts... theory ok, tapi kekadang nak ptaktik tu amat sukar....