Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swimming - Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan

Jan 23 (Mon)
It was the first day of Chinese New Year and my back was still in pain.  Carrying my son on my back crossing the river at Sungei Chilling had its toll on me.  I was walking like a robot and could hardly walk straight.  I did my physio work-outs (perhaps I should blog about it too) to alleviate the pain.  It helped a lot as I always did whenever the back pain relapsed. 

I wanted to go swimming as that's the only exercise that I could do in that situation and also it could help further to strengthen my back.  However, the swimming pools were mostly close on Monday for maintenance.

Jan 24 (Tue)
Today, the swimming pool was open.

There are only two public swimming pools in Shah Alam.  I go to both of them; Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan (PADE) and MSN Swimming Pool. 

I am only good at breaststroke and I normally do 20 laps in the pool.  I learned to do freestyle but I could never get my feet coordinated.

These days, I go to the pool with my youngest son as I want him to learn swimming and it's for him not to be scared of water.  

However, as I wanted to focus on my swimming and to do 20 laps non-stop I went to PADE alone.

Yup! I did my 20 laps non-stop.  My twitter friend didn't believe that I did that.  My comment was in actual fact, with the right technique, swimming is slightly more tiring than brisk walking!

The operation hours of the pool and it's closed on Monday.

There are four pools in this swimming complex; two outdoor pools (Olympic sized pool and wading pool for children) and two indoor pools (Olympic sized pool and diving pool).  As I was here alone, I opted for the indoor pool.

As for the ticket price, weekends and Public Holidays - RM3.50 for Adult (indoor), Tue - Fri (RM3.00).  Outdoor Pool - RM2.50 (weekends and Public Holiday) and RM2.00 (Tue - Fri).  The ticket counter can also be contacted at 03-5511 1648. 
The toilet facilities used to be very dirty and it was okay now and when it comes to cleanliness I'd rate it as 2.5/5. 

Happy Swimming!

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