Sunday, June 26, 2011

Janda Baik - Waterfall

This trip was just an excuse for me and some friends to have a retreat at Janda Baik.  We were here when we climbed Gunung Nuang a few months ago.  We saw the waterfall, unfortunately we were so tired to enjoy it and we made a promise to come back.  It was also an activity for us to know each other better as majority of us will be climbing Gunung Merapi, Padang in July,  
The jungle trekking to the waterfall took about 1 hour 30 mins.  It's the same trail that people use to climb Gunung Nuang.  I don't think there were other people going to Nuang that day.  The trail was quite dry and we had no problem at all to reach the waterfall. 

I didn't realise that the rock formation looked scary in picture.  The water was cool and it felt as though it was just coming out from a fridge! My friends were saying that the water was cooler than that of Sungai Chilling.  The place is really pristine, secluded and untouched.  There were no other people and we had the place to ourselves! We left feeling satisfied after spending about one hour there. 

Tagging along in this trip was our resident 'Herpetologist' or I called him 'ularologist'.  It was his lucky day as we came across this rare baby reptile! 

Apparently, there are more than 5 waterfalls in Janda Baik area.  Perhaps, I'll come here again and again in the search for the other waterfalls!  In the meantime, I am ready for Gunung Merapi and I will start packing this week!

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