Monday, April 25, 2011

Gunung Bunga Buah

When a friend in FB invited me to this trip, I clicked 'Attending' without much hesitation, after all I had nothing planned on the same date and I have never been to Gunung Bunga Buah.  After a few messages, we decided that we'd meet immediately after the first Karak toll in Gombak.  In FB, there were 4 of only who clicked 'Attending', however, after breakfast I was told there was a group of 20 odd hikers joining us.  They had already parked their cars while we had our breakfast.  True enough, there were 31 of us after the final headcount. 31 of us of various fitness levels!  It was a big group and we expected that a few of us might not make it to the peak.  We started at 9.00am and  everyone was told to turn back at 2.00pm regardless where their locations were at that time.  Otherwise, they might not make it to the entrance under the sunlight! 

I read at one time that the access to the mountain was blocked as the land belonged to GohTong family.  I am not sure whether we were still using the same entrance.  The entrance that we used was just behind a row of shop houses at Gohtong Jaya.  We had to trek through vegetable farms before we started with the first ascend.  It was a steep slope and it took us about 20 minutes to reach the first checkpoint.  Joining the trip was a 12 year old girl who reminded me of my daughter when she was of the same age.  I helped her especially at some steep trails.  It had been raining non-stop a few days before that, therefore the trails were wet and slippery. 

After the first stop, we continued the journey along the old Genting road.  The road was already abandoned and inaccessible even by 4WD.  It took about 45 minutes before we reached the 'real' entrance to the jungle!  On the way back, we felt that the same road was longer and tougher.  To a certain extend, it reminded me the never ending trails of Nuang.  

This is a 'must' place for photo opportunity as there is cliff at the background.  It was foggy as it was still early in the morning and we didn't get to take that many good picture as the cliff was covered by fog.  

Typical wild orchids that can be seen on other mountains like Gunung Besar Hantu!

The typical trails all the way up!  The trails were almost as tough as Nuang.  Some said it was tougher.  At one point, there was a checkpoint that reminded me of Gunung Tahan!  Like Nuang, there was a false peak too,  It was  stunning view from here.  A few of us couldn't make it to the peak and they stopped here at the false peak!  We were told that the distance to the peak was about 20 minutes or 'sebatang rokok' and it turned we had to trek for another 45 minutes!  After the false peak, the trails were rocky like Bukit Tabur for about two hundred meters. 

I made it to the peak after a 3 and half hours of hard work.  I thanked my friend who invited me and told him that I made it somehow, he replied  'You're most welcome, friend. Some even say this was tougher than Nuang! And you didn't make it "somehow", it was with plenty of strength, pails of sweat, and with enough determination and resolve! Pat on the back for you!   And all those who attempted as well! And the weather was very kind to us - beautiful clouds, cool winds ... and best of all, no leech bites . . . although the few that were sighted were knocked out with Mosi-guard!!!'.  Thank you again, Henry!  I found out later on the way back that the 12 year old girl made it to the peak too.  Congratulations!

Crawly creature that we saw just on the way out of the jungle!

I was dragging my feet back and the 'never ending road' seemed longer and I could feel the pain from my recent slip disc.  It was still there and it hasn't recovered as yet.  That was the reason I said to Henry that I made it 'somehow' as I really had to struggle more as compared to other people who had no medical condition.   Anyway, my slip disc wasn't a severe one and it doesn't stop me from doing all my physical works, except it has slowed me a bit!

On the way back, I stopped over at Gombak R&T to clean myself and to pray.  Unfortunately, there was no shower room here for me to bathe.  I took the opportunity to take the picture of Bukit Tabur.  Yup!  It used to be my favorite hiking place.  And then I got my slip disc.   That was the end of Bukit Tabur being my favourite hiking spot!  Well, I think I am ready soon!   I will make it there before leaving to Merapi!


Alice Phua said...

Do you know of anymore waterfalls (besides the ones in Semenyih, Pangsun, Ulu Yam and Jln. Sungai Tua) in Selangor that does not require a lot of hiking to reach there? It's just for simple family outing purpose, not the hard core hiking type.

Oasis said...

rindu nya pada gunung Nuang.

Al said...

Really like rocky trail
as last saturday went to bukit tabur for the third time

anyway,John told me little bit about you..hehe
we've met last 3 weeks at Kluang

Small Hiker said...

Hi Alice, alamak, I don't know much about the whereabouts of waterfall in Selangor or for that matter, anywhere in Malaysia. I am going to Chamang waterfall in Bentong in May. I'll blog about as well.

Oasis - glad to hear that you're missing Nuang. Can I say that you'll be there soon?

Hi Al - John is my brother and we got to know each other in blogosphere!

Small Hiker said...

Correction - it took me about 4 hours to reach the peak. There were several others in the group who reached there about 20 minutes earlier than me. They took about 3 and a half hours!

Sharif John said...

Nice Abang!!

Small Hiker said...

John, yes it was nice! Bila lagi kau nak manjat semula. Cuti panjang dah nak mula!

DrSam said...

You are one determine hiker. Despite your medical condition you still managed to drag your feet to the top. That was an inspiration. Bravo!