Sunday, September 19, 2010


Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all. It's never too late for Raya greetings, we are still in Syawal month. The above pic was shot by my son while we were on the way to Pasir Mas from Kuala Pilah. It took us 9.5 hours of driving to reach the destination. Otherwise, I don't think it'd take that long. It was jam around 60 km from Kota Bharu! We were caught in the jam at 3 different spots. The was simply too much traffic on the roads!

Driving around Kelantan during Raya was really no fun. The roads were jam wherever we went. We were caught in the jam again when we went for bekwah (kenduri) in Kuala Krai on the fourth day of Raya. It took us 3 hours for a distance that normally takes 1 hour of driving.

I guess I must have got enough of the jam. I drove quite fast on the way back to KL as though to compensate for the less enjoyable experience I had days before. It took me 7 hours only from Pasir Mas to Putra Heights including a long stop for lunch at Genting Sempah! That was on Thursday or 7th day of Raya!

Not many people make their ketupat this way anymore. I took this pic at my uncle's place in Kuala Pilah.

It's our first time celebrating Raya without our beloved parents. My mum passed away a few months ago. Nevertheless, we made lemang one day before Raya. So we had lemang panas for the last buka puasa. Told my sister about lemang jagung. We'd make this the next time we make lemang!

I had fun time plucking dokong at home too! I took the time to climb the tree and see whether it'd hurt my back or not. Thank God, it didn't! I can say I'm fully recovered from my slip disc! I hope so as I can't wait to resume my favourite activity! However, I didn;t bring back any dokong at all as the there was no storage area left in my car boot!

There were rambutans too. It's my favourite type, rambutan anak sekolah, which are grown mostly in Kelantan area!


ian yusof said...

nih entry raya ker, entry buah-buahan tempatan ... :).... very fresh and delicious looking!

Small Hiker said...

Dua2 sekali lah Ian... Thank you