Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have just finished packing for a 3 day outstation trip to JB. It's a business trip that I have to do once in 2 or 3 months as I am managing some of the corporate accounts there. I have this love & hate affair with the outstation trip. I love it as it takes me away from the busy life of the office.

And I hate it as it can be very tiring. Since I don't go there that often, I'd have to cramp 3 appointments a day, it's tiring as I'd have to drive from one appointment to another. Even though I am quite familiar with the roads leading to the appointments, but I do get lost every now and then, that makes it even more tiring.

Those days, I used to drive my own car from KL. However, due to the increase in mileage claim, it's no longer cost effective to do so, unless there are at least two people in the car.

I normally stay at Eden Garden and I quite like it as I can go to the shopping arcade to window shop and also eating places are just nearby. Not to forget, I always buy chocolates at the duty free area.

It will not be any difference this time around and I look forward to it. Any my only hope is it'll not be that tiring....

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